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Liam Neeson returns for a third time in Taken 3 film as Brian Mills a father/ex-husband devoted to keeping his family safe. This will not be a review of the film, but of all the films. For the Taken trilogy has left a big impact on us. I bet anyone who saw the first film can quote the phone call. I mean who wouldn't? The films we decent in plot and got people hooked each time. Did it seem repetitive at times? Sure it did, but the films were still fun and entertaining. Now the films aren't Oscar worthy or anything, they are just fun shoot em' up films for a Friday night. I personally enjoyed them all greatly. Liam Neeson is great at playing a troubled father or just a troubled person in general (Unknown, Taken, Taken 2, A Walk Among The Tombstones, Non-Stop, and now Taken 3) which is very entertaining. Brian is sick of this shit, its time for this to end.

The film follows the events after Taken 2. It seems to be a few years after, Brian is still having trouble connecting with his daughter. After three films you think he would get it right by now? Brian is betrayed and framed for his wife's murder. (Not a spoiler, they gave it away in the trailer) Brian goes throughout the film trying to clear his name while being hunted by the police. With impressive action sequences it then leads to the rest of Brian's clan, which consists of Leland Orser, (a.k.a Sam or Dr. Lucien Dubenko in ER or Kingpin's assistant in Ben Affleck's Daredevil) Jon Gries (a.k.a Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite), and David Warshofsky (a.k.a A tv actor, ER, The Mentalist, Law and Order, etc.). We get to see these guys a little bit more in Taken 3 and they don't disappoint. With a story background as shady as Brian's, they come to the rescue using their skills along with Brian's to clear his name and save the day. It was very interesting to see them come out more in this film. Though the character Sam had the most screen time out of the other two in the previous films, they played a big part in this film.

The Taken trilogy has grown in the past years and will continue to grow while this film is in theaters. It releases today, some of you readers might have seen it last night, maybe not. Others may not see it at all, Hollywood "milked" this out for all its worth and they did it with style. Its Hollywood, if its making money why not ride this scooter until the wheels fall off? Look and the Shrek series...A few to many films for a decent film. Its normal and will continue to happen. But the Taken movies are different...They have a "class" so to say. Its the series that's only good for three films, but dammit they will make these films the best trilogy it can be. They don't disappoint. Will you be seeing Taken 3? Or wait until it hits the video rental store? Whatever you choose, I hope you enjoyed it as mush as I did.

Thank you for reading. Are you a big Taken fan and can't wait to see the final film? Maybe you want to add your favorite part from the films? Comment below and no insults. We are all friends!


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