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Chris Pratt is everywhere these days. He went through a pretty big time and well documented body transformation in order to take the lead in [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073), which he turned out to be perfect for. He also landed himself a role in the upcoming [Jurassic World](movie:32752), which promises to be yet another box office hit.

But they say you should never forget where you came from. To me, the slightly pudgier Chris Pratt as Andy Dwyer still holds a special place in my heart - which is why this mash up trailer made by Thanks Mom Productions is so good. It comes complete with a punny title and everything, of course... check out "Jurassic Parks and Recreation" below:

Gotta love Pratt's reaction to the genetically modified dinosaur

"Hmm... that sounds pretty awesome". Understatement.

He went from a heavier, often physical comedian to super buff seemingly overnight

Part of what I love about the new Pratt is that he still doesn't take himself too seriously, but his new muscular build makes him a better fit for Hollywood blockbusters.

Proof that he had action-movie capabilities all along

Well, I guess Pratt's Nerf gun prowess might have been a good indicator that he could play a leading action-hero type.

Do you think 'Jurassic Parks and Rec' would be a good movie? I guess Pratt's weight would just fluctuate back and forth as he went from Andy Dwyer to Owen (Jurassic World).

I truly wish this was real! Would you tune in?


Would you watch 'Jurassic Parks and Rec'?



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