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Kingdom Hearts 3 is a long way from a release date for the Xbox One and PS4, therefore, there is plenty of room for speculation and news. Recent years have seen some wonderful Disney films that Square Enix can draw from for their game. But one of the most momentous and earth shattering occurrences was the loss of the beloved Robin Williams, and the idea that Square Enix wouldn't pay tribute to the Genie in KH3 is unthinkable.

Kingdom Hearts has such a vibrant community of fans, and why wouldn't it with such astounding art work and films to draw from? The world of Disney has inspired people all over the world and the animation style of Japan is as equally mesmerising. Therefore, I almost feel like it's a responsibility for Square Enix to devise a way to commemorate the life of this great man.

Robin Williams - the Genie in Kingdom Hearts 3

The post that broke our hearts
The post that broke our hearts

The Academy posted one of the most beautiful, and most befitting words of commemoration for the life Robin Williams and the magic that he brought to our lives. Kingdom Hearts has always had the ability to move its fans. You can even see clips of fans crying at the announcement of Kingdom Hearts 3.

But within its hours upon hours of content, are the beautiful love stories of dear friends and companions. The moment where Sora gives his heart to Kairi in Kingdom Hearts is coming to mind. Beautiful stuff.

Therefore, we can assume that a moment of beauty and some serious tear jerking would be well within the capabilities of the studio when it comes to saying goodbye to the Genie. Even the sight of him in the game would bring people to tears.

But I really like to think that the studio has devised a way to pay tribute to the character. They've used him so much in the series and he's always been such a warm and wonderful presence (mainly because Robin Williams played him that way). He's been as important to the creators of the game as he's been to the players.

Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts

I feel like nothing I could conjure up or type down could be worthy of imagining in terms of a way to say goodbye to Robin Williams, but I'm not working at Square Enix nor am I Tetsuya Nomura. The man has never done the Kingdom Hearts series a disservice and I'm sure he's not about to start.

In what way would you like to see Square Enix pay tribute to Robin Williams as the Genie in Kingdom Hearts 3?! Let us know in the comments Kingdom Hearts fans!


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