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Harry Kirby

Rejoice DragonBall Z fans! We could potentially have a new high budget, live action DBZ series very soon!

The guys over at K&K productions who are responsible for the hugely popular Saiyan Saga trailer, which is a live action adaptation of the series and now has over 8.4 million views, have just released a new video (see below) revealing they are working on obtaining the rights for a full live-action Dragon Ball Z series!

So far K&K's live action DBZ videos have all been created for tiny amounts of money , but if they get granted the license by Toei animation to create a full series, it sounds like they will get a large budget, which will seriously heighten the production value.

The bad news is that Toei Japan are not keen on a live-action series unless it is created though them, so it seems that the Kirby brothers have their work cut out for them. But, if they manage to get Toei on board, then DBZ fans will be in for a real treat!

"Why do we need more live action DBZ! DragonBall Evolution was terrible?!"... Yeah, I hear you crying.

K&K have been producing their live action DBZ adaptations for over two years now, which have covered the Saiyan Saga, Frieza Saga and even a Goku with a GoPro video, which shows what it would be like to be Saiyan for a day. Their entire agenda has been to right the wrong that was DragonBall Evolution, so the series in good hands.

What do you guys think of K&K's update? Do you want to see DragonBall Z faithfully adapted into live-action?


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