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Just weeks after learning that my dad has an IMDB credit for a documentary he was in, myself and other assorted entertainers now have a much more ridiculous IMDB-credited actor to be jealous of: Wilson the Volleyball.

I need a hanky.
I need a hanky.

It's not well-known, but the Tom Hanks' silent co-star - the only volleyball to ever make me cry - in 2000's hit film Cast Away actually had lines. In order to help Hanks have a more natural interaction with Wilson, lines were read behind the camera during the conversations that Hanks' character had with the ball.

Here's Wilson's biography, written by IMDB contributor Red_Scarlet:

Wilson the Volleyball is one of Hollywood's most loved volleyballs. His glittering career started when he became the only companion of Tom Hanks' Chuck Noland in "Cast Away". Many say this is Wilson's best performance and he couldn't have given a better effort. He has made notable guest appearances on shows like "Family Guy", where he was able to poke fun at his role in "Cast Away".

What a great sport! Wilson's performance in Cast Away was so well-loved that the volleyball was awarded Best Inanimate Object by the Broadcast Film Critics Association. Hanks and Wilson won Best Onscreen Chemistry at 2001's Teen Choice Awards. They also won Best Onscreen Duo at the MTV Movie Awards in 2001, where they were finally reunited.


Wilson is, in fact, such a popular movie icon that there have been psychological studies conducted to explain his very existence. Bet no one's ever studied the psychology behind why you drive people crazy, have they?


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