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Kade Fisher

I guess to start off is saying hello. I'm Kade Fisher, a 19 year old who resides in Windsor, Colorado. I've been drawing for a number of years, but finally progressed forward when I joined back in November of 2010. It was only recently I was contacted by Alexandre Costa to join the site, however I had forgotten about my old account I created after AmadejaP recommended me to the site. The work I do on the site differs in various ways: regular drawings, photo-manipulation, memes, ect. My regular drawings are altered, colored, then used for review cards that many people on Deviantart use for their text reviews. This is done through Microsoft Word, after finding ways to play around with what was available in the document. Though recently I've begun to go for Adobe Illustrator, due to the opportunities I can see using it for current artwork. As for photo-manipulation, the reason for those differ. Either a joke someone told me about, me bored and coming up with nothing out of thin air, the reason for them is mostly what I was into at the time they were conceived. The images are usually multiple photos I find online then mix together. Memes are...well, pretty much just that. I tend not to use the same format as others do, rather an image with a black bar and text under it. Just a weird way I design those. Sorry for this being odd and pretty boring to read through, but I'm one who isn't always wanting to talk about myself in great details. I don't find that interesting. As for a movie I'm currently into, I guess Treasure Planet and Atlantis.


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