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My name is Corrie. I live in a delightful place called "my own little world" where I am an Irish, dragon taming, demon fighting, time travel
Corrie Donahue

The Fault In Our Stars being one of my favorite books (and the movie too)...and having this beautiful large canvas to work on, I just had to do this one. :)

I actually finished this one up last summer and just never got around to posting it. Still being relatively new at painting, this was a huge challenge for me. I enjoyed it immensely, and worked through many frustrations with it as well. I can of course see many flaws now, but I'm still pretty proud of it. :)

After using pencil and charcoal for so many years, it is a pretty magical thing to be able to use such a vast amount of color. So many layers. So much depth. So little time. :)


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