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With the conclusion of the famous manga series ever to grace your life since Dragonball (hyperbole, but you know how we do) the series of Naruto has left a huge gaping hole in our lives.

BUT WAIT! FEAR NOT! for Masashi Kishimoto has already confirmed the continuation of the story, however, this time through the eyes of Naruto's son, Bolt (Boruto).

Now, many people have been speculating already about what they expect to see in this new adaptation. I, for one, think it will be VERY similar to the series its based off of. I mean, come on, Bolt is pretty much a carbon copy of his father, minus the orphaned issues.

Though, we do have knowledge on confirmations on a few of the things already (if you havent been living under a rock, that is).

We know: Bolt or Boruto, is the main focus of the spin off. The series wont run as long as the original ran. It will begin at some point within Spring 2015. It will be written and drawn by Masashi Kishimoto. Alongside Boruto, the rest of the new generation of the "Hidden Leaf" shinobi will be present. Also, it appears we have confirmation on Orochimaru's involvement in some way, shape, or form (Possible villain for the kids? Hmm?)

All in all, if you're a fan of Naruto and dont wish to see it end just yet, you'll definitely want to stick around for any announcements concerning the new series.

NARUTO "part 3," the story of BORUTO, is slated for SPRING 2015! Will it live up to the hype?


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