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Marvel has been really quite about the vision, besides the promo art and some images.Why? A couple of months ago I saw this site in which a guy claimed to have read the entire script of [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035). I don't remember the site's name nor the person's but, I do remember the following plot detail about the Vision.

Has anyone noticed how the latest trailer for Age of ultron starts with an emphasis on worthiness? About how only the worthy can lift Thor's hammer.Well, the theory states that vision ( Who's probably going to be an android with no emotions) is going to be the one who ends up killing Ultron.

We know that [Thor: Ragnarok](movie:956858) is chronologically right after Avengers 2 and that "Ragnarok" In the comics starts and ends with death.Thor will be the one who dies first in Age Of Ultron. He dies...The hammer loses it's wielder and that's where the vision comes in.The Vision will end up being the most worthy among the avengers and he'll use the hammer against Ultron (I don't know how..So don't ask). Vision helps the Avengers defeat Ultron and Ragnarok starts.

When asked about what Joss Whedon's main philosophy was for Age Of Ultron..He replied with a dark voice.

Is this what Joss Whedon was referring to? The death of Thor? The start of Ragnarok? The rise of Vision?


Will Vision prove himself to be worthy?


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