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A lot of fans weren't all that pleased with certain casting choices that were made for The Hunger Games and the subsequent films in the series, but the author (Suzanne Collins) was directly involved in the casting choices for Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence), Peeta (Josh Hutcherson), and Gale (Liam Hemsworth). Stephenie Meyer also grew increasingly involved in casting over the course of filming of the Twilight franchise. Is the author's vision of who he or she thinks should play the characters he/she created something that should really be taken into account by casting directors?

My concern with this question is as an author (my serial, Frost, can be found HERE). I have very definite ideas about who I would choose to represent my characters if my serial were to be translated to the screen. Until I stepped back and considered some of the fans' qualms about the casting for the Hunger Games franchise, it never occurred to me that my fans might disagree with my vision as an author.

This brings about a whole new problem for me, at least hypothetically. If my readers' visions regarding my characters differ from mine, whose vision matters more? My knee-jerk response is that the readers' visions matter more. As an author, my readers are essential to me. Their thoughts and opinions matter to me on a fundamental level. So, while I have my hypothetical "cast picks" for Frost, I think that my readers' picks would be more important.

What do you think?


Should authors be involved with casting?


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