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Aidan Weems

One of the biggest movies of 2016 is batman v superman dawn of justice. Ever since the batman returns comic series came in to existence fans of the comic were begging for a movie representation of it. Now it looks like it's finally happening and expectations are high but are they to high. The film is directed by Zack Snyder a vary underrated director in my opinion. I looked him up on rotten tomatoes and his highest rated movie is dawn of the dead at 75 percent. His lowest rated movie being sucker punch which i agree that that was his weakest film. He has also made some of the most underrated comic book films like Watchmen(65% on rotten tomatoes) and man of steel (55% on rotten tomatoes). Man of steel Had a some problems but in my opinion is it as bad as The village and Jersey boys. In my opinion no it's not. Man of the steel was the first movie in the DC cinematic universe. With their first movie in the Dc universe standing at 55% then their pretty far behind Marval with their first movie in their universe being Iron man and currently standing at a 93 percent on rotten tomatoes. But could Batman v Superman Change this. Two of the most iconic superhero's going toe to toe in a heated fight. Also later in 2016 for the DC cinematic universe is David Ayer's suicide squad. David Ayer has made the critically acclaimed movies end of watch and fury. His directorial debut end of watch rated higher on rotten tomatoes than any of Zack Snyder's movies adds a little nervousness for Batman v superman. Wich brings up the question will Batman V superman suck or be the Godfather of comic book movies. It would probably have good action With Zack Snyder Making some movies such as 300 and Dawn of the dead. Both having breathtaking action scenes. But what Zack Snyder lacks in is Executing the story. With his movie 300 and It's sequel 300 rise of a empire having great action scenes but lacking story and substance. What do you think do you think it will be great or suck.


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