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One of the biggest complaints that many DC fans have had about the Warner Bros. approach to superheroes in movies and television, has been the company's dogged insistence on allowing certain properties to mingle, while keeping certain other properties separate.

For example, the shows Arrow and The Flash are allowed to crossover, what with being on the same station...

On the other hand, Gotham and Constantine, at this point, are largely understood to be apart not only from one another, but also from either Arrow or The Flash.

Enter... Supergirl

One must imagine the disappointment that many fans must have felt when they found out that Supergirl would make its debut on yet another different TV station (CBS, as opposed to the CW, NBC , SYFY, TNT or FOX). By that logic, it would be understandable for one to make the mistake of thinking that Supergirl is cut off from the rest of her superhero compatriots, in her own isolated bubble.

Though, while the assumption would be perfectly understandable, it would also be wrong. Thanks to those paying attention to the ownership of various studios and stations, we are reminded that the CW and CBS, while considered separate stations, are still both owned by Warner Bros. In essence, a crossover isn't feasible between Arrow/The Flash and either Gotham or Constantine, but it's, by no means, out of the question when Supergirl hits the scene.

Only half of this crossover is possible...
Only half of this crossover is possible...

In fact, according to various sources, a crossover between Arrow/The Flash and Supergirl is not only possible, not only likely, but basically a sure thing. Since Greg Berlanti works for Warner Bros. and is the showrunner for all three series', it has been reported that his contract has included within it the freedom to cross the three series' over, as he sees fit, despite the fact that the Supergirl series will be on a different station from Arrow and The Flash.

For anyone wondering, this is important for one particular reason. Of course, it means that Supergirl will be able to join the Emerald Archer, the Scarlet Speedster, and all the other heroes they've already got in their conjoined worlds. Yet, if Berlanti takes this very real opportunity, it also means that Arrow and The Flash will both have some license to make mention of Metropolis.


And if Supergirl does as well as many anticipate (combined with the anticipated success of the upcoming movie Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice), how long before we see Supergirl move closer to the territory of a small-screen Superman, and (maybe with the help of a series time-jump) Gotham moves a tad closer to Bruce Wayne's early years as Batman?

Gotham City...
Gotham City...

Of course, the latter bit about Superman and Batman joining up with the likes of Arrow and the Flash on the small screen is admittedly just a bit of hopeful speculation. Nevertheless, the series Supergirl is contractually ready/willing/able to crossover with both Arrow and The Flash, and that does open up some truly awesome possibilities, for fans of any of the former mentioned heroes.

So, what do you make of it all? How do you feel about the Supergirl series being contractually allowed/obligated/guaranteed to crossover with the CW-DC-TV-verse? Let us know, in the poll and comments below!


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