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Last year after I watched Godzilla, I wrote an article where I talked about who I would like to see in [Godzilla 2](movie:1433439). Well, only a few months after the movie was released, three likely candidates emerged. If you are wondering why I'm doing a follow up article many months after this info was released it's because I didn't know about this until yesterday. Now, the three monsters that were revealed as possible monsters to be in the sequel are Mothra, Rodan, and King Ghidorah. All three of these Kaiju are monsters I mentioned in my last article and I gave reasons as to why I think they could be or should not be in the sequel. But now I'll reiterate my reasons and also give more reasons for why I think what I think.

1). So, Mothra, who I claimed in my last article would be a terrible monster to add to the rebooted franchise. I even said they wouldn't choose Mothra because it doesn't fit in the world they've established. But, to my surprise, she's a candidate! Now I know Mothra is a classic Godzilla rival, but for this series classic Mothra can not work! Magic is not plausible in this world! This world has been established to be more realistic than previous interpretations. A magical giant moth that has two twin fairies follow it around all the time would not work. But don't get me wrong, I'm not saying the director would actually put this version of Mothra in the movie. The director would make Mothra as realistic as possible. In fact, I doubt Mothra would be magical in the new movie at all. She would be something prehistoric and would awaken or something like that. But, that being said, Mothra would still not be a good choice and I say this for a few reasons. First, and this is a personal reason, I can't look at a "realistic" Mothra and not feel like something is missing. Mothra is vibrant in color and human friendly. And because we have a gritty-type world now, Mothra would be changed to fit in to the world and it wouldn't seem right to me. I wouldn't be able to enjoy watching Mothra because it's not the Mothra I know. Second, I never thought Mothra was a good Godzilla character. This is because she is just so weak. I seriously think every Godzilla movie Mothra has been in she has died. That's just sad when you can't even make it to the next movie without getting set a blaze. In my mind, a fight between Godzilla and Mothra would be interesting, considering advancements in movie technology, but if it will be anything like the other films in the entire Godzilla series then the fight wouldn't last long at all! Third, and this somewhat ties into the above statement, Mothra would be pretty disappointing monster. I mean come on. A moth versus a fire breathing dinosaur? No way. It's no contest. I mean Mothra is a freaking bug! Speaking of bugs, this leads me to my last reason, we just saw an insect-like monster. Why would we want to see another one? That's making the series too receptive too quickly! But yea, Mothra is a terrible idea.

2). King Ghidorah. In my last article, I admitted that I would love to see King Ghidorah in the next [Godzilla ](movie:425213) movie, but now that it's been awhile since that article and I have had time to think about it, Ghidorah doesn't seem like the right choice either. Would it be awesome? Yes, but it would do something to the series I don't think should be done yet. It makes the series too out there too early. And what I mean by that is by introducing an alien monster in the first sequel would shatter the realism they are going for. It's too soon for something that comes from space. They could change to where Ghidorah comes from underground like Godzilla, but that's not being true to the character. And that's something I should've mentioned with Mothra. Making Mothra not be magical is as unsettling to me as not having King Ghidorah from outer space. In the first movie the scientists stated that it was likely more monsters could exist underground the way Godzilla had and I think they should explore that more. My other big reason for not having Ghidorah in the sequel is that it's too soon for Godzilla's arch nemesis to be in the second film. To me that's jumping the gun because this is Godzilla's main bad guy. A fight with him should be built up better and be later in the series because it doesn't get much better than a three headed dragon from space. I heard the series was only going to be a trilogy, which is a real shame, but if that's true Ghidorah should be in the third film. That way they could end the series with a battle between Godzilla and his ultimate rival!

3). Finally, I close this list of monsters with Rodan. In my opinion, Rodan should be the monster in the second movie because Rodan is the most realistic. He is based on a Pteranodon, a creature that actually existed, and because he has no magical powers and his abilities come from his own physiology. This makes him the most realistic. Aside from that, however, he is also a creature that could most likely be found underground like Godzilla was. Also, i mentioned in my last article Rodan may not be the best choice because we already had a flying creature, which in fact when the trailers came out I thought the creature was Rodan, but I was wrong. Now I don't think it's a bad idea because Rodan is not an insect. He would be a dinosaur and I think that's the best way to go for the sequel. Have the monster Godzilla fights be something similar to him so that the fields could be leveled. In the last movie, Godzilla fought two monsters. One was bigger and one could fly. They both had advantages over Godzilla, but Godzilla sealed the victory when he broke out his atomic breath. Both of the creatures were slow and that was their biggest downfall. Godzilla was able to catch up with them and use his superior abilities to triumph over their numbers advantage. Godzilla versus Rodan, on the other hand, would be different. Godzilla would have the strength and fire power advantage, except maybe if they use Fire Rodan, who can fire a laser from his mouth, and Rodan would have the speed and flight advantage. Also, Godzilla is tougher than Rodan. I say this only because of their size difference. These advantages the two have over each other would make a very balanced fight and I believe it would give us the proper sequel we deserve.

Now that I have that out of the way, I have just some general things I'd like to speculate about. One of them is whether or not Godzilla's son will ever make an appearance. I personally think no because Godzilla Jr. wasn't ever exactly done right and how exactly would they put something like in this series, but I'm curious to see how the director of the new movies will handle it.

Another thing is do you actually think they will only make three movies? A trilogy seems awfully short for a Godzilla series. There were 15 movies in the Showa series, 7 in the Heisei series, and 6 in the Millennium series. Any amount less than five movies would just be weird. But I guess I could over look that if the sequels were just as good or even better than the first one. And considering the fact the sequel is set for release in 2018, that could mean they're taking there time with it to make it as good as they can. And I'm ok with that.

It was said that the sequel is going to be reminiscent of the first movie King Ghidorah was featured in. (Back then he was just called Ghidrah). In that movie, Godzilla, Rodan and Mothra had to fight Ghidrah. I don't think the director would do that. If he wants to have that as the third/possible last movie then I guess that's ok. As long it's done right. But something like a giant monster royal rumble would be too overwhelming for a sequel. We did three monsters in the first movie, but the two enemy monsters were pretty much the same species, so I'll just say two. Now, we're jumping up to four? That doesn't seem smart because aren't we trying to bring in new Godzilla fans? One should make the descent into a huge mash of monsters slow and gradual, so as not to warn them off. Which is why I think the best choice should be just go with Rodan.

I guess I should speculate about the plot, but who really cares? Godzilla fights monster. BAM!! Entertainment made.

This last question may sound silly, but do you think they'll ever do a Godzilla/Gamera crossover? It seems highly unlikely, but it would still be cool.

So there you have it. Let me know what y'all's opinion is on the matter and if anyone has any of their own speculations please put it in the comments below.


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