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I'll begin this post by simply saying that me as a fan, and countless others who also agree with me, say that we NEED another Kick Ass film! That's where I come in with the 10 reasons why we need this movie, so without further ado, lets quit our jabbering and begin!

1. You don't just start a film franchise and not finish it!

Can you imagine if they just left us hanging at the end of the second Hobbit film? Or The Hunger Games? Or Star Wars? Or the Fast and the Furious? ( the list just goes on and on) We would be furious if they just made a few and left us hanging, right? So yes, we need to finish it.

2. Kick Ass is the first real superhero film.

Sure Marvel and DC have made some good movies but its just crap that just wouldn't happen in real life, like a radiation leak or aliens.

3. The film has some pretty Kick Ass characters, (see what I did there?)

Including Big Daddy. For those of you who don't know who Big Daddy is, I'll just say he's a mix between Batman and Nite Owl from Watchmen. He disguises his voice in such a way thats well... monotone. He's also the father of Hit Girl. Finally he had a pretty sick ass collection of guns. (Including a bazooka!)

4. It also has Hit Girl!

What else do I have to say about her, she's just bad ass. Played by the beautiful (and hot) Chloe Grace Moretz. Hey I can have my crushes or what not, I'm only 15.

5. Don't you want to know what happens to Chris D'Amico a.k.a. the MotherF*cker?

The last thing we saw was him lying in a guarded hospital room all bandaged up because of the shark he had in his "evil lair".

6. The fighting/stunts in these movies are really awesome!

One of the awesome fight scenes that comes to mind was from the first movie when Hit Girl takes her revenge on the people that killed her father. When watching this particular scene just turn up the volume and let the music just sink in. haha

7. In each movie the sound track is just rocks.

It has some great classics rock songs, and it includes a little hip hop. If you have some time check out the tracks.

8. Hit Girl rides off on her bike but where is she heading?

What will she do next?

9. Kick Ass is one of those movies that you can watch over an over.

Each time you watch the films they get better and better. Take my Uncle for instance who thought the movie was just going to be stupid, he's watched it over a thousand times now and it just doesn't get old for him. He simply loves the movie. Just like everyone else who's seen it.

10. Last but not least: Kick Ass also has a new costume!

I couldn't find an image that could fit so...just Google it.

Thank you for taking the time to sit and read this article. Please like it, share it and heck out the petition here! So that the word can spread and hopefully we'll be able to get our [Kick Ass 3](movie:858317) film in a few years. I also encourage you to check out the films for yourselves!


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