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One of my favorite elements of the new ABC show [Marvel's Agent Carter](series:1119765) is the style. I love the iconic look of the 40s, and as it's Marvel, every costume is thought through to the tiniest detail. Her outfits aren't just flattering and appropriate to the time period, but reveal elements of her character.

Last week, ABC revealed some wonderful costume art alongside an interview with the designer for the show; Giovanna "Gigi" Ottobre-Melton. She talks about this careful planning that goes into the style in the show, as well as how she made Peggy's costumes appropriate for the action scenes.

For her daily SSR look there is an overall hourglass style with clean lines and strength in the tailoring and defined shoulder. Throughout the series, custom-made belts were used to compliment her great waist.

For her undercover work, the design of evening dresses from the 1930s and 1940s are mysterious and alluring, yet not overly revealing. The slim cut dresses glide over the body. When a woman walks around in one of these dresses, the fabric moves around her with a graceful fluidity.

It sounds like she'll retain her signature look for her day job, and get to be a little more adventurous in her work for Howard Stark. I absolutely adored her gorgeous gown in the first episode, and would love to see her glamorous side more often. One of mt favorite elements of this character is that while she fights to be seen as an equal at the SSR, her perceived "weakness" (i.e. her gender) can be her strength when undercover. We already saw this when she was wearing that stunning gold dress, and I cannot wait to see more.

As the show progresses, we’ll see that as an international spy working secret missions for Howard Stark, Peggy has access to goods and merchandise to fit her undercover fashion needs. Her stylish black seamed nylon stockings, for example, were not readily available to the average woman in the marketplace, yet helped establish her fashion-forward look.

Her wardrobe is definitely a little more striking than many of her co-stars, obviously a comment on the strength of her character. It does also make sense that with the patronage of Mr Stark, she would be able to afford the kind of clothing that other women wouldn't. I can't imagine that being a glorified secretary pays all that well, and many of the outfits she wears are not cheap!

She'll also continue to sport that gorgeous red hat that she borrowed from her original roommate. I think it's lovely that she will continue to wear it as a tribute to the friend that she lost, but that's not the only reason behind the choice.

Her trademark look is the red custom ladies Stetson Stratoliner hat, a burst of color in a sea of grey fedoras. Working in man's world she needed to stand out, and she did that using color in her wardrobe.
We continued the color story from Captain America: The First Avenger. You'll see Peggy in a lot of red, white and blue, as a silent tribute to her lost love, Captain America.

Of course, it's not just about the symbolism and silhouette; she also has to wear some clothes that she can actually move in when out there fighting. Unlike many superheroines who seem unrealistically capable of sprinting in sky-high heels and short skirts, her outfits are a little more practical.

For the most part, her outfits are all custom made in multiples because of the all the scripted action. For some of her undercover missions, sometimes wearing pants was necessary for kicking ass and taking names.

I cannot wait to see what else is coming up for Peggy and the rest of the women in the show - and hopefully some more wigs as well... I wonder what Peggy would look like as a redhead!

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