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I vote YES! While everyone is highly anticipating [X-Men: Apocalypse](movie:1194267), what worries me is the storyline for this movie. As we all know, the X-Men franchise has taken a huge hit from bad, inconsistent storylines and the deaths of important characters. [X-Men: Days Of Future Past](movie:203942) fixed a lot of it, but not all.

Enter Sabretooth. Next to Magneto, he is arguably the most dangerous foe that the X-Men have ever had, even with Wolverine at their side. He's a hard-to-kill psychopath, and yet - while in the first X-Men film, Sabretooth (Tyler Mane) might have looked the part, but had few lines and little involvement. And the Liev Schreiber's version was menacing and awesome, but he disappeared forever when the movie was over.

And with Wolverine's character losing his memory and then going to Japan, AND the X-Men's "Origins" thing going all over the place, it seems like Sabretooth could be left behind forever. That would be a mistake. Fans want to see him, mainly because he's Wolverine's arch enemy. Arch enemies make the film.

Sabretooth: Didn't you get those cut off?... Runt.
Sabretooth: Didn't you get those cut off?... Runt.

In an article, Liev Schreiber once mentioned what he’d like to see from the character in the future:

“I’d love to find out what happened to Victor… I’d like to find out how my Victor became Tyler Mane’s Victor.”

That statement alone should've given the writers of Apocalypse some ideas. And if they haven't, they should change it, starting now. Sabretooth still needs to acquire his Adamantium skeleton and he is (in one timeline) part of Apocalypse's entourage; not as a feeble henchman, but as an ally.

And maybe we shouldn't do a transition. Maybe we should just pick either Schreiber or Mane to reprise the role without needing an explanation. Just have him come in, start destroying the place and scaring the hell out of everyone. My pick would be Tyler Mane. That guy is freakin' huge!...

I better get more lines or everybody dies...really.
I better get more lines or everybody dies...really.

So there it is. If they really want to finish fixing the errors made in the past with timelines, storylines and bad lines from Halle Berry's feeble attempts at playing Storm. They need to focus on the characters that have been shortchanged like Rogue, Toad, and Jubilee, and start realizing that you don't have to explain the origins of every character. Just introduce them once, like cartoons do.

Above all, there is room for everyone. Minor characters as well as major ones. Fanboys and Geek Girls can handle a lot of characters running around, okay Hollywood? You don't need to teach us about characters that we've known our whole lives, and we don't want you to dumb it down for those who don't know.

There is plenty of room for Sabretooth, our favorite 7-foot tall, 400 pound monster with Daddy issues. So if he hasn't been added to the film, he should be! There's plenty of time to add him. Wolverine and Sabretooth deserve a final battle. I'll offer my writing service, if needed... I'll do it for free, uh, I mean at a discount!


What do you think they should do about Sabretooth being in X-men:Apocalypse?


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