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Mark Robirds Jr.

Marshall City, a city filled with gangs, mafia, drug lords, etc. However it is protected by two masked vigilantes. One a seeker of justice and peace who only wishes to make the city a better place, the other a man out to seek justice by an means possible even by killing thus making certain police and government groups wanting to come after the superhero community. Having no other choice the Chief of the police asks the peace seeker Minute Man to stop the killer Umbra by any means necessary. Now old friends turn into enemies, who shall win?


Written and Directed by: Mark Robirds Jr.

What are your thoughts on this plot for my upcoming short film. FYI, I came up with this idea WAY before Batman V Superman was even an idea for a movie. After I get a paypal or debit card, I will be submitting this idea into and see if I can get a response.


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