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With all the talk of a rivalry between Disney's Marvel Studios and The DC Cinematic Universe controlled by Warner Brothers, it is worth noting something pretty important - Fox was the top movie studio in 2014 - and no one else was really close.

For the 2014 calendar year, Fox finished first among the Big Six studios - and no one else was really THAT close!

For the 2014 calendar year, Fox finished with 17.3% of studio revenue from 17 new films and 5 holdovers, for a total of $1,79 billion.

For the 2014 calendar year, Buena Vista (hereafter referred to as Disney) finished second, almost $200 million behind, with $15.6 % of studio revenue from, believe it or not, only 13 new films and 4 holdovers. It had a total of $1.617 billion.

For the 2014 calendar year, Warner Brothers released the most new films of the Big Six studios - 22 - with 9 holdovers. They combined to propel the studio to third place, with 15.1 % of studio revenue. It had a total of $1.562 billion.

For the 2014 calendar year, Sony/Columbia finished fourth, with 12.2 % of studio revenue from 19 new films and 3 holdovers. It had a total of $1.261 billion.

For the 2014 calendar year, Universal finished fifth, with 10.8% of studio revenue from 14 new films and 4 holdovers. It had a total of $1.115 billion.

For the 2014 calendar year, Paramount finished sixth, with 10.2% of studio revenue from 14 new films and 4 holdovers. It had a total of $1.052 billion.

Thanks to the ginormous success of "The Hunger Games": Mockingjay - Part 1" and the very solid "Divergent", Lionsgate almost cracked the Top Six. It finished seventh, with 7.1% of studio revenue from 18 new films and 4 holdovers.

Actually, Fox only had the EIGHTH highest-grossing film released in 2014 - "X-Men: Days of Future Past" with $233.9 million domestically - but it made up for that with an amazingly deep lineup that had EIGHT films hit the $100 million mark, by far the most of any studio. These included: "X-Men: Days of Future Past" ($233.9 million); "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" ($208.5 million); "How To Train Your Dragon 2" ($177 million); "Gone Girl" ($167.1 million); "Rio 2" ($131.5 million); "The Fault In Our Stars" ($124.8 million); "Mr. Peabody and Sherman" ($111.5 million) and "The Maze Runner" ($102 million).

When you look at the lineup, it is clear that the key to Fox's depth is that they had a diverse slate: a tentpole comic book superhero film; another well-known franchise; two sequels to original cartoon properties; an adaptation of an existing cartoon; two adaptations of huge bestsellers and a Young Adult novel adaptation.

When you toss in that "Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb" is another 2014 release that will hit the $100 million domestic milestone in the next couple of days and that films like "The Other Woman ($83 million) and "Let's Be Cops" ($82 million) were solid hits, especially in relation to their budget - and it's clear Fox had a pretty good year - especially in relation to everyone else.

Warner Brothers finished a distant second in terms of $100 million films that were released in 2014, with five: "The LEGO Movie" ($257.7 million); "The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies" ($236.5 million and counting); "Godzilla" ($200.6 million); "300: Rise of an Empire" ($106.5 million) and "Edge Of Tomorrow" ($100.2 million).

Disney finished tied with Paramount for third, with four films that passed $100 million. However, the Mouse House wins the tiebreaker for two reasons.

Number one, it's four films that passed the milestone obliterated it. It had four of the top 9 films domestically in 2014. They are: "Guardians of the Galaxy" ($333 million); "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" ($259.7 million); "Maleficent" ($241.4 million) and "Big Hero 6" ($214.4 million and counting). It also "Into the Woods" generate the majority of it's $105.2 million and counting during the 2014 Holiday Season.

Meanwhile, Paramount can thank Michael Bay, Christopher Nolan for avoiding a horrific year.

It had 4 $100 million films in 2014: "Transformers: Age of Extinction" ($245.4 million); "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" ($191.2 million); "Interstellar ($184.7 million and counting) and "Noah" ($101.2 million).

Sony and Universal tied for fifth with 3 films each passing the milestone.

Sony had "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" ($202.8 million); "22 Jump Street" ($191.7 million) and "The Equalizer"($101.4 million).

Meanwhile, Universal had "Neighbors ($150.1 million); "Ride Along" ($134.9 million) and "Lucy" ($126.6 million).

Universal wins the tie breaker though, since "Unbroken" earned a huge chunk of it's $101.6 million and counting in 2014.

Lionsgate is basically close to breaking into the Big Six thanks to only two franchises, one of which was a slight disappointment, while the other was a slight surprise: "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1" is at $329.5 million and counting and earned the bulk of it's money in 2014.

Meanwhile, "Divergent" started a new franchise and was a slight surprise with a $150.9 million domestic haul.

So Fox was the most successful studio in 2014 because it had the most doubles and triples, while it's rival studios seemed to be counting on 3-run home runs.

Seeing as how it's rival studios seem to be amping up production of blockbusters for 2015 and beyond, it should be interesting to see if it can defend it's crown.


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