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Marvel is on a roll! Their films have gained them millions of dollars and millions of fans! Marvel's film strategy is so well-done, that some think that Marvel is literally incapable of failure!

While this isn't exactly true, Marvel is in a pretty good spot in their career. Nearing the end of their second phase, Marvel's third is packed with tons of great films like [Captain America: Civil War](movie:994409), Doctor Strange and Captain Marvel! And these are just the films! Throughout their various phases, Marvel has introduced some great TV series' like [Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.](series:722469) and Agent Carter, and some great upcoming Netflix-exclusive show's like Daredevil and Iron Fist!

But while Marvel has a pretty full schedule already, I have a feeling that Marvel won't just stop. After all, they've got a virtually never-ending encyclopedia of superheroes that are just begging to be adapted in some shape or form. But who can Marvel bring to screens next? And in what media form?

I present to you, my picks for who Marvel should bring to the screen, and whether they'd be perfect for the big screen, small screen or streaming one!

Moon Knight

Perfect For: Netflix!

Moon Knight, a lesser known character within the Marvel Universe. Marc Spector was born in Chicago, Illinois. Marc is the son of a Jewish rabbi whom, along with his family fled Europe in the 1930's to escape the Holocaust. Growing to reject his father's faith, Marc became a heavyweight boxer before eventually joining the Marines. His skills granted him a spot in the C.I.A where he would work with his brother Randall Spector and William Cross, the man who would eventually become the villain Crossfire. His brother betrayed the C.I.A and killed Marc's girlfriend Lisa when she found out. Marc confronted Randall in retaliation and fought him; Randall was seemingly killed during the fight by a grenade.

Marc leaves the C.I.A after this, becoming a mercenary and selling his services to the highest payer. He ends up working for a terrorists name Raoul Bushman.


Moon Knight becomes sickened by Bushman's savageness and tried to help a woman known as Marlene escape from him after Raoul killed her father. Bushman beat Marc to near death and left him in the desert. Dying and stranded, Marc staggered to an ancient tomb and died next a statue of the moon god, Khonshu. Suddenly, Marc comes back to life, claiming that Khonshu had resurrected him so that he could become the Moon's Knight of Vengeance!

Moon Knight is perfect for the MCU! Though a film would be amazing, I think Marvel should give him a show; preferably one on Netflix! Moon Knight isn't very well-known; sure his name is memorable, but his story is not as much.

I think that a series, with several episodes pertaining to his origins, would be much better than trying to cram his complex origins into one film. As for why I want it on Netflix; having the show on a non-cable outlet, like Netflix would allow Marvel to not hold any punches, Not that Moon Knight is necessarily too inappropriate for regular cable networks, I just think it would be a lot better. Plus, it would allow for multiple episodes to be released at once. Not really important, but I just love that Netflix doesn't make me wait a whole week to see more of my favorite show.


Nova, galactic protector of the galaxy (besides those other guys)! 15 year old Sam Alexander never believed his father's crazy stories about space and the Nova Corps, discounting them as drunken tales. But one day, his father goes missing and Sam, while searching for him, suffered a skateboarding accident that landed him in the hospital with a coma. It's there he meets Rocket Raccoon and Gamora, where they "calmly" inform Sam of his father's heroic past.

Oh did I say calmly? Yeah, my bad.
Oh did I say calmly? Yeah, my bad.

They give Sam his father's helmet. He dons the headgear and travels to the moon to meet the Watcher who tells him of a coming alien invasion that only he can stop. Gamora and Rocket train him to use his abilities to their fullest so he can be strong enough to protect earth!

Nova himself has yet to be introduced in the MCU, but the Nova Corps played a prominent part in [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073).

And even though John C. Reilly did a great job as Rhomann Dey, he's no Sam Alexander. Nova would fit well in the MCU line of movies. I think the perfect time to introduce him is during Marvel's Phase 3, but since this phase is already pretty full, I would at least love to see him introduced in Phase 4. He has ties to both the Guardian's and the Avengers, so fitting him in with these characters shouldn't be a problem at all.


Jennifer Walters is the cousin of Bruce Banner. After getting wounded, she received a blood transfusion from her super-powered cousin. Not only did the blood heal her, it also gave her the same powers as her kin. She became large and green, and gained immense super strength! But unlike the Hulk, she regained her mentality and high level of intelligence. In later issues, she even develops a "Deadpool-like" habit of breaking the fourth wall.

Or ripping it.
Or ripping it.

Jennifer has a big part in the Marvel Universe, especially during the Civil War storyline, where she supports Iron Man. However, she acts as an attorney for heroes on both sides.

With the Civil War storyline making its way to the MCU, now's a perfect time to introduce Jennifer Walters with her very own television series! I know what you're thinking, "We want a movie!" But in my honest opinion, I think a show would be so much better. Think about it, it could be an action/comedy/courtroom series, a little like Bones or Castle, where we'd see Jennifer handle a case every episode. But of course there will be a little Marvel pizzazz in it; Jennifer will suddenly get these powers (after the aforementioned blood transfusion) and become a sort of vigilante. Solving cases by day, dodging the army by night—and maybe some times by day too. She'll even use her brute nature to "persuade" criminals into changing their ways. The show would be intensely action and comedy-filled! It could even feature guest appearances from Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner/ The Hulk! It's not like Marvel's doing anything else with him...

The truth is harsh Mark...
The truth is harsh Mark...

So those were some Marvel heroes I'd love to see in the MCU, and how I'd love to see them in it! I'll most likely be doing a second part to this because a few more come to mind, but if I were to list them on here this article might become too long!

So stay tuned and thanks for reading!


Who do you want to see in the MCU?


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