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This photo posted on imgur late last night by an iPhone user claims to be a captured footage of the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice teaser trailer. Although my inner feelings for this to be real is very strong, the image has a photoshopped vibe and there's still 1 month left to confirm this 2 part split-up when the official teaser plans to drop along with Jupiter Ascending, in theaters on February 6, 2015.

Posted on imgur with the caption - "I have an iPhone video of the teaser trailer (it has updated since, but close with most things), and no, I will never distribute it, but I will offer this screen shot."

Boy, I hate that caption!

According to the image, [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) will be split up into two parts — Part 1: Enter the Knight will be released by the end of this year on October 23, 2015 and Part 2: Dawn of Justice will be out on March 25, 2016.


True.. but many people don't want the truth!
True.. but many people don't want the truth!

• First of all, the photo doesn't even use the font available on the official site. Here's a screen grab from the site..


• Why would WB use only the title of the second part as the domain name of the official website instead of just going with if it's a 2 part movie. FYI, if you simply try , it will take you to a fan site! The web address is already taken.

• Okay then, let's try Well, WB doesn't own the domain name but who does - he does.

• The title card could surely mean that the photo was taken in the last final moments so surely there must be logos - atleast the Warner Bros and the DC logo.

However on the other side-

• The production of Batman vs Superman ended last year and surely there's oodles of post production process involved. Since, the Justice league has only been announced and nothing else has been reported of it, why will BvS be out only in 2016? Weird...

• Everything related to Batman vs Superman is high traffic so maybe WB wants to reveal it in the grandest way possible. Considering the so called 'Enter the Knight' gets released in October, there's a good 8-9 months of marketing and meaningless pandering. But still, if WB/DC had mentioned this thing about the 'two part' undertaking when Batman vs Superman was first announced, everybody would be excited the same way as I am and many people are right now!

• For those of you who feel the equation - so many characters and too little time, this could actually be good news.

I'm literally craving for this news to be true. It will be pretty damn awesome to have a movie this year. All I gotta do is become emotionally ready if this news receives confirmation from WB.

P.S: 'Enter the Knight' - For some reason, I don't like the title :|

Source : The Internet in common :p

To top this all, here's something that will totally wreck your enthusiasm right here right now-

Dat's it! No more discussion!
Dat's it! No more discussion!

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