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In the living room while watching the series, something strange in my eyes hit series. Recently published section was set in Arkham Asylum. Gordon and doctor (I do not remember the name), they are pushed into a corner by the mentally ills. There was a door at full back. The doctor turned around and tried to open the door with the key. Jim said mentally ills to go theire cells. The doctor opened the door, all patients began to flock towards the door. They flock to the door shouting. And then came a crazy smile from there. But this was not a normal crazy smile, smile was officially Joker! A moment 'came just me, or is this Joker's laughter? '' I said. I noticed when I got back to the scene in here had a Joker scene. I started to get excited at a time. And I thought that, if Joker at the Gotham who will play him ? Would not it be perfect! Even as I type this I am shaking with excitement. I have a request from you. If you wright players who can play Joker at the reviews, I be happy.


Can you think might be right ?

The Arkham Asylum.
The Arkham Asylum.

First, I started to get excited, but before long I was very surprised. Already this topic is what I really think about Gotham. I think the future is a mystery when the Joker to get more viewers this directory. I think the Joker is the best DC villian ever. But there is one think I don't understand yet, who gonna play the Joker? I hope you write the player in mind, good and peaceful days.


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