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Now these are all my opinion and the movie might be completely different but after seing the SDCC teaser trailer of BVS dawn of justice.............................................................. SOME PATTERNS EMERGE!!!!

here is the SDCC teaser trailer of BVS dawn of justice...

yes!!! if you have seen the DC original animated "The Dark Knight returns part II" you will notice that the Batsuit worn in the trailer and the animated movie is kind of the same.

see it???

we also know that batman is being played by Ben Affleck and is rumoured to play as an older version of batman just lyk the animated movie!!


And then the main point we all saw but Missed !!! YUP!! THE BAATTSIGNALL!!!

In the animated movie they meet up at crime alley!! where batman calls super man!! in the trailer we can see the batman using the bat signal to call batman!!

BUT dont worry this is what might happen in the battle between them!! and not the whole movie as we now know wonder woman will play an important role in the movie and lex luthor is going to be the antagonist of the movie!!

And as the movie is rumoured to be the sequel to "The man of steel" it might follow the story of superman more than batman!!


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