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Its been a while since I got the keyboard out and wrote something and now seems like as good as a time as ever to get it back out and start writing again, so as of today, I will be posting 3 articles a week so keep your eyes out and make sure to follow for movie news and reviews!

To start it all off we have Ant Man, the tiny superhero who has already sparked a lot of talk within the MCU community and with movie fans, but not all for the right reasons.

As far as turning small and beating people up goes, I think I prefer the Hulk smashing everything and as for the trailer, well I would give it one Taco out of 10. It doesn't look as comedic as the rest of the MCU, but seems to be trying really hard to fit in. Antman, in the comics, was meant to be a founding member of the Avengers and, as far as I can tell, wasn't even thought of when the Avengers movie was being created. Even hawkeye made the cut and i'm sure you dont want to read about me ranting on about how useless he is.

It sure seems to suck to be Antman right now and with so many people already judging the movie before its release, me included, what can we expect from the movie?

Well i'm glad you asked.


Yeah, thats all I got. Sorry. Just not feeling this one.


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