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Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War is right around the corner. I know we have Age of Ultron and Ant-Man coming up first, but Civil War is a big deal. Or, at least it should be.

There are a lot of things that need to fall into place for this movie to be as satisfying as the comics are. And given the May 6, 2016 release date, there is not much time for everything to come together.

There’s also the matter of squeezing such a huge story into one movie. I know there are rumors of the storyline being split into two movies, with the second part filling in a July slot that Marvel usually fills, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

So while this has all the makings of a blockbuster, there are also some factors piling up that could make this movie a total bust (at least for us comic fans). This list could prevent that from happening. These are the top ten things that I want to see in Captain America: Civil War (and I think most comic fans would agree with most of the list). Before you continue.... SPOLIER ALERT! There, proceed.

Here you go Mr. Feige, I hope you’re paying attention:

10. Goliath

The big guy is on a long list of characters that play a role in Civil War and have not yet been introduced in the MCU. Bill Foster not only has to play a role in this movie, but in my opinion, he needs to be introduced before the film as well. He needs some screen time to allow the audience to get attached to him. That way his death will have a bigger impact. At some point in this fight, Goliath will have to die, creating that emotional moment that really brings the viewer in. I’m thinking we see Goliath in a Netflix series to allow the audience to get to know him first.

9. The Negative Zone/ Project 42

In the comics, Tony Stark’s pro-registration side creates a prison to hold the criminalized former heroes of Cap’s anti-reg side, in a disorienting dimension known as the Negative Zone. This project is code named Project 42 and is headed by Reed Richards, aka Mr. Fantastic. Obviously, that will change. This isn’t necessarily imperative in this movie, I just think seeing The Negative Zone on the big screen would be pretty cool.

8. The Return of the Red Skull

This is a bit of a long shot as it is more of a side story in the comics. However, it would make perfect sense. Civil War ultimately leads to the death of Captain America. Whether or not we actually see that in this film is yet to be determined. However, even if they were to set it up for a future movie (say with a post-credit scene) it would make perfect sense to see the Red Skull meeting with say Rumlow and a mind controlled Agent 13. This is a great opportunity to bring back one of the best villains in the MCU.

7. Daredevil

Ok, with the Netflix series coming out soon, it’s almost a guarantee that we see him in this movie. So I’m going to get a bit more specific. Matt Murdock has a great line in this series that I want to see in the movie. After he is capture by S.H.I.E.L.D., Daredevil delivers a silver dollar to Tony, who is trying to negotiate with him. The rest... well, the rest you can see in this panel from the comic.

"Guess that's Thirty-one pieces of Silver..."
"Guess that's Thirty-one pieces of Silver..."

6. Thor Clone

Thor himself should not be in this movie. Settle down ladies, I didn’t say Chris Hemsworth shouldn’t be there, just no Thor. Confused? Read a comic. A clone of the Thunder God, created by the brilliant minds of the pro-reg side, plays a huge role in this story. In fact, it’s the out of control clone that goes haywire and kills the aforementioned Goliath. He also represents Tony’s willingness to go to any lengths to win this war, a character flaw that should be emphasized and will be mentioned again in this list.(excited yet!?)

5. Nitro and the incident in Stamford, CT

Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes. This neeeeeeds to happen. Sure they could concoct some other event to spark the Superhuman Registration Act, but why do it? Why upset the comic fans? This not only brings this story to a level of reality that could really hit the viewer, it also provides an opportunity to create a scene that could be visually incredible. Picture Judgement Day from Terminator 2, but you know, not looking like it was made with puppets. And I want more than just the explosion or just some background mention on a news broadcast. Show me the New Warriors in all their misguided glory. Show me the fear in Namorita’s eyes before it happens. Then show me the smirk on Nitro’s face before he levels a town.

4. Maria Hill

Again, obviously she will appear in this movie. What I want is a bit more specific. She should be the head of S.H.I.E.L.D. by the start of this movie and she should deliver one of the most chill-inducing lines in the story. When confronting Captain America before he declares himself against the SRA, she explains exactly what she wants him to do.

"...obey the will of the American People, Captain"
"...obey the will of the American People, Captain"

“No, I’m asking you to obey the will of the American people, Captain.”

Long before this movie was announced, I have expected this line to be featured in the trailer right before the title comes up.

3. Thunderbolts

I told you Tony’s highlighted character flaw would come back on this list. He really is willing to do anything to win. That includes enlisting the help of a team of super-villains known as the Thunderbolts. Now there’s no way we see all of the villains that they used in the comics, but how about some of the ones we’ve seen in the MCU already. As a matter of fact, the groundwork has already been laid out for this. Think back to the end of The Incredible Hulk. We see General Ross drinking at a bar before Tony Stark enters to proposition him. “What if I told you we were putting a team together?” Remember that? You didn’t think the fine people at Marvel would just leave that alone did you? Most think that was in reference to the Avengers, but how could it be? Tony wasn’t in charge of assembling the Avengers, he wasn’t even picked for the team. No, I think Tony was looking to put together a very different team, one that included Abomination, who would have been in Ross’ custody. I expect we see Tony’s already assembled team of Thunderbolts that includes Abomination, Whiplash, Absorbing Man, maybe some extremis infected soldiers and anyone else we may see pop up in these Netflix series.

They're definitely not nice people
They're definitely not nice people

2. A Big Showdown

Duh. This one is obvious. But I also feel as though it is something that could get lost. Be honest, we all want to see it. Two armies of superhumans squaring off and going at it. It needs to happen. Don’t just give us a fight between Cap and Tony. That’s not enough. We want teams of 20 or 30 going at it in the streets of New York. It’s going to take a whole bunch of new characters to do the final battle any justice. The carnage we saw in Avengers will look like nothing compared to what this fight does.

Before we get to the top thing we need to see in Civil War, here are some honorable mentions...

Hulk’s banishment

He shouldn’t be in this movie. Want to set up Planet Hulk? Here’s your chance.

Announcement of Thor’s Death

Wonder why I said he shouldn’t be in the movie? It’s because he’s dead. Or... at least we think he is. He’s got some really deadly Asgardian business to attend to, you know... typical Thor stuff.

“Bomb’s Away” by B.o.B. on the soundtrack

Ok, I know this one is out there. But have you heard the speech by Morgan Freeman in this song?

“Truth has many shades, it’s not a matter of black and white, but gray. Although many, we are one. So in the final analysis, could it be we are fighting a war that can’t be won?”

Tell me that doesn’t scream ‘Civil War’! I got chills just typing that.

Alright, without further adieu, the number one thing we need to see in Civil War is...

1. Spider-Man

Please please please make it happen. We’ve heard the rumors for months now but still no announcement. Spider-Man is key in this story. We’re already missing the Fantastic Four, don’t make us accept a revamped story without Spidey too. I know, I’ve heard the plans. Black Panther or Daredevil could take his spot in the story. No! It’s not the same! Black Panther and Daredevil aren’t beloved characters like Spidey is. Black Panther and Daredevil don’t have THE iconic secret identity like Spidey does. Black Panther’s movie doesn’t even come out until after this movie does! How are you supposed to have a big reveal of a secret identity with a character that casual MCU fans will know absolutely nothing about!? No, make this happen or the movie won’t be right. It can still be good, but it won’t be right.

One does not simply replace Spider-Man
One does not simply replace Spider-Man

So Mr. Feige, there it is... Your move sir.


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