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1.Make diferent vines and watch which of they have more succes.

2.Find people you know and follow them.

3.Make vines with ads for other viners or friends.EX:Go follow..............,comment with "done" and i follow 5-10 of you (random).

4.Make vines with ads for you.

5.Find a friend or make one on vine (friend) and convince him to make some ads for you and you make ads for him.

6.Don't forget if you have some talents you can use them for your popularity/succes.

7.Find viners or friends and make vines with them.

8.Make vines with celebs,where you find them(if you found them).

9.When you have a significantly number of followersmake vines with "thanks"(you can make a collage or be you/just you).

10.When you don't have inspiration watch old vines and can inspire with other people's vines if is a "very original" vine you have to write in the description "original vine by.........."or if that vine is not an original and many people make that vine,do it like a normal vine with normal description.

11.Don't forget your fans and spoke with them on other social media (instagram,facebook,twitter,snapchat,youtube......)

So here you have some methods to be a good viner <3


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