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Kenny Behler

I know what you all are going to say...ok I know that thanos beat hulk in the 1990's comic infinity war, but that was when the hulk had a brain. I have two different perspectives... I think that hulk is going to win because in the movie avengers bruce banner said "I put a bullet in my mouth and the other guy spit it out" that proves that hulk is immortal. If you get the hulk really angry, he gets stronger, he gets bigger. No matter what you do to Bruce Banner the hulk is gonna come and whoop your butt. You can set banner on fire and the hulk is gonna come back. No matter what you do you can't beat the hulk. The only way you can beat the hulk is to have betty ross to confront him. The hulk was fighting thor one time and thor was attacking hulk with his hammer and hulk caught thors hammer and hulk crushed it into pieces. Even Stan "The Man" Lee said it. Stan Lee said this "No matter who's against my green Goliath there will always be a smash at the end". Now heres why I think thanos would win. In the comic Hulk vs. Thanos... Thanos doesn't have the infinity gauntlet but he still has powers to fight the hulk. If thanos does get the infinity gauntlet it will be a challenge for the green goliath. Thanos probably would win because of the infinity stones because he can destroy universes. He even destroyed his own planet. I heard that hulk was on a different planet in the comics and thanos destroyed that planet with the infinity gauntlet and hulk survived. THAT'S HOW POWERFUL HULK IS... That's crazy. There was a storyline where thanos was fighting the hulk and the avengers and hulk was taking thanos down and Thanos grabbed hulk by his neck and he said "Hulk stop fighting me & kill the avengers" thanos was controlling hulk with the infinity gauntlet. That's awesome. But if i had to vote on who would win i would say the hulk because in every superhero story the villain loses and the hero is always the winner and if hulk wins whats next hulk vs galactus (Which would be an awesome fight). HULK SMASH THANOS HULK IS THE STRONGEST THERE IS.


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