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I have to admit, CW's "The Flash" has completely dominated Tuesdays. It has already been highlighted for a season 2 and I am completely geeking out! ~[Spoilers Ensue]~

In the Mid-Season Finale, Along with finding out that there were two speedsters present the night of Nora Allen's murder, We bare witness to Barry professing his love to his childhood best friend, Iris, despite the fact that she is dating the dashing Eddie Thawne. This left things pretty awkward between the two, leaving fans wondering where the show will take their relationship next.

I just have one question for you: Are you ready for your next nerdgasm? Behold! Feast your eyes on the future of Barry and Iris!


What's Your Reaction?

Hmmm....Looks familiar.

I have to admit I did not see this coming, not until the second season at least. What does this mean for Eddie and Iris' relationship. This doesn't look like a "SURPRISE! GOTCHA! Forced Kiss" because Iris doesn't seem to be pushing herself away from Barry. Although, She is grabbing Barry's forearm in the photo.


What do you think it is?


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