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Time and time again this film gets teased. Ever since the first games release in 2005, we've heard about the possibility of a movie adaptation. It all started with game creator, David Jaffe, who wanted this Djimon Hounsou guy, and it all exploded afterward.

Fan scripts, fan casts, ect.. All the work has been done by everyone except Hollywood. And in vein of all the "Vin Diesel for Kratos" threads, and all the "No the Rock is perfect" retorts, I chose to cast people who can actually pull it off. (No offence to the Toothfairy intended).

Btw, this fan cast is only in respect to the first film (or game), God of War. Casts for sequels depend on how this goes over. Check out the game trailer below:

So, let's get started then...

  • Zeus

Hugh Jackman/Russell Crowe: Jackman being my first choice, he has the look and the acting chops to knock our socks off. Not that Russell Crowe couldn't. I find it hard to choose between the two, but I feel Hugh fits the bill a smidge better albeit a little young.

  • Athena

Keira Nightly/Natalie Portman: either one of these women could do the job justice, and I understand the movie can't be all A-list if we want some budget for the much needed effects. In light of that I would cast, Devin Kelley... look her up.

  • Ares

If it wasn't for Clash of the Titans, I would chose none other than Liam Neeson, but you can't be Zeus AND Ares. The runner up is... Jason Stathem, hear me out. Jason has done a bit of everything... Well everything actiony/explosiony/Michael Bayish. But the man can act, what better actor is there to play the God of War?

  • Hades/Poseidon

These two get one bullet because they have small roles in the first film, not to say they aren't important though. For Hades I have to pick, Tom Hardy. Hardy has done a similar role as Bane in TDKR, meaning he was an evil Hulk who's face was mostly covered. He's no stranger to bulking up for a movie, and I'm almost positive he could sound just like Mr.Krabbs. Poseiden is either Hugh Jackman or Russell Crowe, whichever doesn't get Zeus could also be fantastic as Poseiden!


And now, last but not least, we cast the star of the show. The one... The only...

  • Kratos

Now as I said, no Digimon, no Vin Diesel's, no The Rocks. The only actor fit to play Kratos in my eyes is...

Jason Mamoa

This guy is perfect for the job. He can be angry, he can be sad, he can do action, he can be poetic, he IS Kratos! I know they day a picture says a thousand words... Well this one says a trillion


So who plays Zeus, and who plays poseiden?


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