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i just received an email about a fan theory on reverse flash. So i wanted to know what you guys think about it. So check it out:

In episode 9 on the flash,” the man in the yellow suit” is trapped. He is so powerful that he brings dr. wells in the trap. He escapes because detective west let him out for Dr. Well’s sake. The policemen start shooting but he gets away with his powers. He kills all policemen; he goes to Eddie and just takes his gun. Then he goes to detective west and tells him not to look after him. So….after killing so much people including Nora Allen, why he didn’t kill Eddie? We know that iris doesn’t have a mom. She is probably dead. If you read comics you might know that reverse flash name is Daniel West, the same last name as iris and detective west. So what if iris’s parents were killed when she was months born and detective west had to be her tutor because he was iris’s uncle, the brother of iris’s father. But the thing is maybe her (irses’s) father survived when someone tried to kill them. So what if reverse flash is iris’s father, and he didn’t kill Eddie because he knows he is dating his daughter. The other thing, why he killed Nora? We know that the west family was friend with the Allen family. So he might have killed Nora because she was the only one who knew he was alive. At the end of episode 9 of the flash Cisco tells detective west that there were 2 people when Nora was killed. At the end of that episode Dr.wells open his secret room and we see the yellow suit. So maybe he was the red energy that killed Nora and reverse flash (iris’s father) is the yellow one.


So what do you guys think about this.


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