ByLinia Helen Nicholls, writer at
Theatre Geek. Love everything sci-fi fantasy musical action adventure tabletop & computer games. Have my own Theatre Company & Gaming Group.

I never really understood the appeal of comics when I was younger. I was an avid book reader and I guess, I really did not like books, which had to have pictures.

I am happy to say, I am no longer so biased.

I was introduced to the world of comics, through the medium of movies and television.

I love sci-fi, fantasy, a good mystery/thriller, a strong but flawed hero and anything with action; So naturally I am immediately drawn to all of the Comic movies that come out. They tick all the boxes - even if I don't necessarily get the full story-line.

I recently picked up an ebook version of the 2008 series of Guardians of the Galaxy. However, this has left me empty. The electronic format, just does not do what real paper does. So... I cannt technically call myself a comic book reader yet - BUT I will be.


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