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I don't know what it was that kept me from seeing this movie when it was released in 2013. I had seen terrific commercials that, if nothing else, promised some interesting moments. Definitely worth a Redbox rental as I always say! But this movie did not simply have "some" interesting moments. The whole thing was a fascinating, exciting experience. I had no idea what lay in store when I found the movie at Redbox yesterday (why it was there after two years, I have no idea). I assumed that it would be a bust because, after all, it's release had escaped my radar. Turns out, Woody Harrelson must have hypnotized me because I missed something quite unmissable!

The movie begins by showing multiple, talented magicians doing their thing, putting on a show. Afterward, each of them find a mysterious card with an address on it, which brings them together for an unknown reason. Fast forward a year and they are performing a thrilling magical act, as a team, and we realize that they are relatively famous. I won't get into any spoilers but let's just say some illegal "Robin Hooding" plays into their act and our magicians have to outwit the police.

One of the reasons I enjoy this movie so much is that it has almost everything I want in a movie: mystery, action, cocky jack-asses you can't help but love, strong female leads, a Franco brother, a little romance, thrilling chase scenes, shocking moments and a plot twist.

Okay, as this is a review, I should probably add something that I didn't like. Well, that would be the lack of character development. I would have appreciated a couple of scenes devoted to helping us understand who these magicians really are. If they simply didn't have enough time for more character development, I feel that they still did splendidly with what they had.

The best news? There's going to be a sequel! They will begin filming in 2016.

Let me know what you thought about Now You See Me, if you plan on watching it (if you haven't), and/or if you are excited for Now You See Me 2!



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