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United We Stand, Divided We Fall
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I don't know if it's true or not but I keep hearing that Batman is getting another movie or a reboot. If that's true let me know in the comments below, because if Batman is getting another movie then this is just a list of people who could land a role for the cast of the Bat-Family.

Batman is not going to be on this list because he's has already been cast Batfleck is what we will see in the Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice movie and hopefully the other Batman film.

Dick Grayson/Nightwing

First Choice: Milo Ventimiglia

Milo Ventimiglia has a habit of sounding like Batman it's like his voice is naturally like that the rough voice the voice that strikes fear in the heart of his enemies. Milo Ventimiglia has never played someone like Nightwing but he did play someone with superpowers in the 2006 TV series Heroes he plays Peter Ptrelli who has the ability to 'borrow' other people's ability but that's not Nightwing, Nightwing is a skilled martial artist and was the first one to be Robin but otherwise Milo Ventimiglia would be perfect for Nightwing.

Second Choice: Steven R McQueen

Its not a coincidence he's on this list he did post on twitter about doing the Nightwing workout and there are a few articles saying he's quitting the Vampire Diaries for Nightwing will his wish come true to play Nightwing?.

Jason Todd/Robin

First and only choice: Nathan Kress

Nathan Kress is a young actor who mostly acts in TV Shows and Robin is a young boy who turned out to have amazing skills and a hand to hand combat expert Nathan Kress has that young look he's 22 and still looks like a teenage boy he'd make a great Robin.

Jason Todd/Red Hood

First Choice: Spencer Boldman

Spencer Boldman has that mature look on his he has that passion he's a great actor I mean sure he's not that famous so what he could still kill it playing Red Hood.

Second Choice: Billy Unger

Billy Unger can really press that throat of his deep to make the sound of a fearless killer he is young and handsome I don't see why he wouldn't make a great Red Hood (other than the reason Spencer Boldman would make a better Red Hood).

Jason Todd/Dick Grayson/Tim Drake Red Robin

First Choice: Zac Efron

Years after High School Musical came out then his voice started changing (I don't mean puberty or do I?) and now he has the voice of a crime fighting hero Zac Efron so happens to have most of Red Robin's characteristics looks,hair,abs and style.

Second Choice: Ryan Gosling

Sure he might be 34 years which way above the limit but he's still got it he's still cool and all and wouldn't it be great if Ryan Gosling played Red Robin (in case).

Damian Wayne/Robin

First and only choice: Logan Lerman

We don't know which version of Damian Wayne the young and foolish version or rather older version of Damian Wayne which is more mature Logan Lerman can look young much like Nathan Kress he is also 22 which is right at the perfect age to play Damian Wayne's Robin.


First Choice: Debby Ryan

For Batwoman we needed a redhead so I went with Debby Ryan she is smart and funny and athletic she did acted in a TV Show called Mighty Med and kind of owned a catsuit I think but whatever at least she'd make a great Batwoman.

Second Choice: Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson is best known for her performance in the Avengers as Black Widow if she's played Black Widow a trained first class assassin then she can also be Batwoman with her redhead.


First choice: Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell is 34 years old and she still looks young if she plays Batgirl it would be best if she played the 20+ year old version of Batgirl also like Milo Ventimiglia she also acted in Heroes the 2006 TV series if she can do that then she can do Batgirl.

Second Choice: Hayden Panetierre

Same goes to Hayden Panetierre also acted in Heroes and she gets a headstart because she played a cheerleader in the past TV series and she's 25 so she gets a headstart because she can still play the teenage version of Batgirl.


Do you agree with most of them playing the characters?


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