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While [Friday the 13th](movie:996554), as a series, has had its ups and downs, there has always been an undeniable interactive element. That element, of course, tends to be inherent to the slasher genre. We get to guess who will die, when and how. Oddly, a television series is on its way, which may have to set some of the standard foreboding elements aside to squeeze in drama for cohesion. That and another film is in the works, making 2015 a huge year for Jason.

How can the year be bigger for the series? A videogame! Since 1989, Jason hasn’t had a chance to grace our consoles. He almost did on the PlayStation with Jason Takes Manhattan, but that one was cancelled in early phases. It’s not the first time a horror franchise has failed to crank out a video game, as even the Chucky game for the PS3 was scrapped in 2012 by Tik Studios. I suspect a problem both games encountered was their single-player nature. The player would either have an easy romp killing the defenseless or only find challenges in killing the innocent trying to defend themselves. It’s easy to assume this one will encounter the same fate, but that doesn’t look to be the case.

Chuck Dash & Slash for iOS is all we have...for now
Chuck Dash & Slash for iOS is all we have...for now

According to Sean S. Cunningham, the writer of the original movie, the game will focus on primarily on team multiplayer. They “have some exciting new ideas for a game that supplies plenty of replay value, while delivering the kinds of thrills and scares that fans of the franchise have come to expect.” The developers reportedly have worked on AAA titles in the past and are putting an incredible about of focus on balance. Jason, played by one person, will be a behemoth traversing classic locations from the films. The other 4-odd players will be pinned against Jason, focusing on evasion and scrounging for items that may help them survive. Jason may be essentially invincible, but the others will have the ability to find ways to stop him with certain items. In short, both ends will have to be diligent in combat and pay attention to their surroundings if they wish to win.

Given the focus of the game, the Halloween 2015 release date and climate of the modern gaming industry (many horror games being pushed), [Friday the 13th](movie:996554) looks the be the spectacle many have waited over two decades for.


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