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Mohammed Hidhayat

That trolling piece of screenshot was indeed a random fake movie split, as I said several times. The image screenshot below, assumed to be part of a BvS teaser trailer, claimed that Batman vs. Superman would be split into two parts: Enter the Knight and Dawn of Justice.

Ramin Setoodeh, film editor of Variety posted a series of tweets following his brief chat with Henry Cavill at the Los Angeles BAFTA Tea Party.

The Man of Steel star threw light on the purported rumor, saying that the film will not be split into two parts. The conversation ranged from his thoughts about Ben Affleck as Batman to whether BvS will top the Avengers.

Here are the tweets:

News Editor Laura Prudom also had something to tweet about:

Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice will be in theaters - March 2016, hopefully.


Are you glad Batman vs. Superman will not be divided into two parts?



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