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The film is great, but I'm not one of those that would now 5 days wigging, but needlessly, about the film. Frankly, better than LotR. Actors fantastic, she [E.Lilly] is a great actress, but her character is a "make me crazy bit*h in all good and bad way" to put it mildly tongue lay people who have come to follow Lee, Aiden, Richard and maybe some "granny" Orlando. All in all: one of those movies that can be called so "shouting the names". Well it goes like this:

- Fight. Tauriel comes to Thranduil. "I fell in love." "You do not know what it means to love!" - Expel her, destroyes her weapon. In parallel, her quasi bae struggling with his brother against this-moment-not-so-important character. The brother is killed. "Filiiiiiii!" - he's shouting, running in anger kill this guy. Just when you think "it's good, he will win it" comes the chick and wants to help the guy she fell in love with. Do not lie right back! Stupid, no weapons, getting in trouble. He wants to protect her, because she is a bit stupid, he is killed. "Kiliiiiiiiiii!" - Now, she shout. Falling to his knees, kissing him (and sister, he's dead, do not be a necrophiliac!). There, orc wants to attack he, defending the poor fellow in love with her now, that's crafts (this is the one foot in the grave guy with the beginning of the story of mine). During this time, children who were first watched this movie so maybe all the other shouting "awww the fat tasty pig" for certain combat pig. In this, the uncle of the two hunk brothers, Thorin, is fighting with Azog - the main orc. He dies. "Thorinnnnn!" - Now, the little Main one shouts for him and it only looks like he's in love with him. After all, where they survived 10 wretches, this...Girl and son and dad (the beautiful, dad, who had expelled her) comes to her while she's all over the place where her boyfriend just died and said to her "that love of yours, it was real."(NO SH*T Sherlock!) He comes to youthful (in the film) Legolas and said to him, "Son, you're gonna be ok warrior." (Again, NO SH*T Sherlock!) And a child in the theatre behind me, who says at the very end of the film, "waht? He is his father?!" NO SH*T SHERLOCK! -.- But overall the movie is gr.e.a.t.! Right feeling you know how to kill, mister PJ <3

It should be a gif of the Elvenking ^_^
It should be a gif of the Elvenking ^_^

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