ByKonstantinos Xatzimixail, writer at
Konstantinos Xatzimixail

We are all waiting for the epic finale of the arkham trilogy to come out (june 2 2015 ). A huge question is.....WHO IS THE ARKHAM KNIGHT some say its a clone of batman some say its joker and others he is Damian Wayne.....well I strongly believe that the Arkham knight is.....SLADE WILSON

In the last scene of batman archam origins we see slade in his cell and then a woman aproach him and she gives him a contract......So I was wondering could this woman hired Deathstroke an create the Arkham knight suit to kill batman and then Deathstroke was training for 6 years so he'll be able to kill batman with the Arkham night suit

What to do you guys think ? Let me know in the comments below


Is Arkham Knight Deathstroke ??


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