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Metal Gear Solid 5 has been modded on PC to play entirely in first person mode. Yes, you have been able to look around in first-person for a while, but to play the whole game like an FPS is somewhat of a revelation!

The below gameplay video is of [Metal Gear Solid](movie:593264) V: Ground Zeroes in first-person mode on PC. This latest video is courtesy of Ben Blatcher who has modded the game in such a way that enables the camera to be positioned upon Snakes face as opposed to behind the legendary protagonist.

Metal Gear Solid 5 in First Person Mode
Metal Gear Solid 5 in First Person Mode

Watch it through in its entirety and you will spot a few glitches (Snake's body turning invisible) but still a rather neat way of playing the game. Personally I think that the Metal Gear series looks sublime and plays smoother in third person but I am excited about being able to play as snake or having 'Snake eyes'.

If you want to grab and install the mod yourself head here.


Is Metal Gear Solid better in First person or third person mode?


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