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Here, I return with the 2nd part of my successful series, "Make it Better" and the movie for discussion this time is none other than the "Justice League". Now, I may not afraid of saying this out aloud that Justice league was, is and will always be better than The Avengers and I have more than confidence in this flick. Now that DC is having an awesome run at television with Arrow, Flash and Gotham and with so much speculation around [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) and much talked about line-up which stretches till 2020, making a Justice League film is more than awesome. Something tells me that it is going to be a great movie but still there are some suggestions including fan requests which can prove good.

nostalgic, oh man.
nostalgic, oh man.


Many of you may remember this and I too get nostalgic when I see this picture. Seriously, guys Justice League Unlimited rocks. All the characters are lovable but we can't have them all onscreen but fans these days are craving for Easter eggs and 5-6 of these will be good enough. We don't realize how much thrilling the movie watching experience becomes if there are Easter eggs.(I was in awe after seeing the [Doctor Strange](movie:559685) Easter egg in The Winter Soldier last spring.)


CW has already introduced to the Barry Allen version of [The Flash](series:1068303) so it is only sensible to make the movie with his successor, Wally West. Fans are fretting over CW and WB for separating the DC universe. So, for the satisfaction of fans, please bring us Wally West. Already, in DC Cinematic Universe, Superman is too young for Batman. Having a young Scarlet Speedster won't be harmful.


Even if people don't say it aloud, we know [Aquaman](movie:264237) has been one of DC's frontrunners for decades still he doesn't get the much deserved respect. People thought that one day he would be forgotten but his role in Batman V Superman has proved many people wrong. Still, him having a powerful role in Justice League means a lot to thousands of his fans.

Flash looks great in this one.
Flash looks great in this one.


DC has always been darker than Marvel. But don't make Justice League so dark that we can only see their logos! Mind the sarcasm but a little comedy in Justice League like Batman sneaking Green Lantern's ring or Flash racing with Superman would be much appreciated. I mean who will be against superman cracking jokes about Aquaman. So, please give us some comedy.

see, no aquaman
see, no aquaman


I believe Darkseid is the ideal villain for this movie as he is ultra powerful and can make every single member of Justice league member dance to his tunes. If he is the villain, the story will be much like the animated feature Justice League: War with the inclusion of Aquaman. But then, our heroes will fight thousands of his minions towards the climax which may become just like The Avengers. Then, having multiple villains requires too much planning and if you think about having suicide squad members as villains, then you must know that they are sinister yet refined personalities.


Now, [Shazam](movie:738107) is another ill-fated Justice League member. First, he was bought by DC as Captain Marvel, then lost his name to the Marvel character due to the infamous court verdict, then vanished for years but Geoff Johns brought him back as a founding member of Justice League in The New 52 universe. Then, he appeared in Young Justice, The Flashpoint Paradox and more recently in Justice League: War. So, him being in the movie is inevitable as the movie surely follows the New 52 timeline with an older Batman. "Shazam needs Justice".


There are going to be many characters so involvement of characters like Jimmy Olsen, Carol Ferris or Mera may or may not be useful. We do have Alfred and Lois Lane there but even they shouldn't get too much footage(pardon me, Amy Adams). We have seen them on-screen so many times, now it is time for Flash, Wonder Woman and Aquaman. Don't sue me for this statement, guys. Miss Lane and Alfred have a lot to do in Batman V Superman.

So, let us see how it turns out.

Next time: [Deadpool](movie:38663)


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