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With the likelihood of the proposed Supergirl television series being connected to The Flash and Arrow now being near certainty, with the revelation that Greg Berlanti actually has a clause in his contract that would allow him to include the series in his shared television universe, it is a given that any character who has been introduced in Flash or Arrow could have the chance to end up being featured in the new series at some point. That said, there will also be characters introduced to this series and be, maybe not exclusive, but certainly honed to this series. This intention of this article is to discuss some characters that are good fits for Supergirl and should be introduced into the Berlantiverse through her and her series. So, without further ado, here goes!

1. Power Girl

This is at the top of the list because it is the most obvious. Power Girl and Supergirl have always been connected. You see, Power Girl is the cousin of the Golden Age Superman, who was the Superman of Earth 2 before the original Crisis on Infinite Earths streamlined the DCU and did away with the multiverse. After the Crisis, since Supergirl and all memory of her was erased from existence, Power Girl was changed to have ties to Atlantis, but that Supergirl connection has always stayed with her.

In the animated series Justice League Unlimited, Power Girl was introduced as a clone of Supergirl called Galatea, who was created at Project Cadmus by Professor Emil Hamilton as an answer to the perceived threat that was the Justice League. Now, I don't know exactly how the Supergirl series is going to play out. It is widely accepted that Warner Bros. will have some kind of moratorium on characters being used in the movies, because that's just what they do, but I don't know if Warner Bros. has definitively said this. Since they usually do try to prohibit the use of characters on television that are being used in movies, and with the Krypton television series possibly being picked up on the SyFy channel, it does call into question how much of Superman and his mythology can be used for Supergirl.

Will she be from Krypton, or will she be from a sister planet named Argo, like in the animated series? All of these factors will determine how Power Girl can be best used, however they decide to work around it they do need to use her, though. And I would prefer if she wasn't a clone, just because then they would be played by the same actress and Power Girl has a different body type than Supergirl. They just look different, and I don't just mean her ginormous boobs, either. Power Girl has bigger thighs, wider hips, a curvier rear end, she has just an all around more voluptuous body type, and I think making her a clone will change the character. But if they do go that route I will get used to it.

2. Silver Banshee

One thing this show is going to need is strong female antagonists. Supergirl doesn't have a huge rogues gallery of her own, so it stands to reason that just as Arrow has borrowed villains from Batman, Supergirl should borrow a good portion of her characters from Superman, at least as many as WB will allow. Silver Banshee should be one of the first villains introduced, if not the villain used in the pilot. She was used quite well on Smallville, but was a one-off freak of the week, so they really didn't have much opportunity to do all that much with her. Supergirl has the chance to really use this character and to really explore her. She's scary, she's iconic, and she could really be interesting in the hands of the right writer. They stayed so true to her look on Smallville, so if they do use her for Supergirl they should stay equally close to it. I thought she looked fantastic in live action and would love to see more done with this character in Supergirl.

3. Lesla Lar

Lesla Lar is a silver age Supergirl villain, and probably less well known than most, but she would be a great fit for the show, and probably as the big bad from the first season. Lesla Lar is a Kryptonian, and because she is a Kryptonian, she could be Supergirl's equivalent to General Zod in the series. I don't want to see some watered down, feminine version of General Zod, though. If they are going to use Lesla, they need to really make her a credible threat. Her motivations need to go much deeper than just wanting to replace Supergirl, as was often her scheme in the silver age. This character can basically be a clean slate, as most people don't know her and what was done with her leaves for so much room for updating. They could even tie her into Power Girl somehow, though I hope they don't combine them just because I think fans wouldn't enjoy Power Girl being a villain. But I could definitely see the writers tying the three Kryptonians together quite effectively.

4. The Eradicator

The Eradicator is a sophisticated AI, created by Kem-L who was a distant ancestor of Superman from Krypton's ancient history. The AI was taken from Krypton when an alien known as The Cleric and a band of Kryptonian refugees left their planet. While most of the Kryptonians died soon after leaving Krypton, the Cleric survived and kept the Eradicator for 200,000 years until he met Superman on Warworld. The Cleric gave the Eradicator to Superman before his death and Superman brought it back to Earth. While on Earth, the Eradicator soon began trying to rewrite Krypton over the Earth's "DNA" (for lack of a better word), and it was the Eradicator that created the Fortress of Solitude.

The Eradicator could be a really interesting amalgamation of himself and Brainiac, since Brainiac most probably won't be allowed to appear in the series since WB will probably keep him in their pocket for a future Man of Steel sequel. In fact, much of the modern AI Brainiac, as seen in the Superman animated series and in Smallville, was taken from the Eradicator to begin with. I've always loved Brainiac and I think the Eradicator could be a good stand in for him while also being an interesting character in his own right. If the producers were so inclined, they could change the Eradicator's creator from Kem-L to Zor-El, Supergirl's father, and have it be something he sent with her when she escaped Krypton's destruction (or whatever they plan on doing with her origin).

5. Fred and Edna Danvers

These are basically Supergirl's version of the Kents. I really don't know how they would incorporate them, especially since I don't know exactly what they are going to do with Supergirl's origin, but I would like to see them used in some fashion and have some personal connection to Supergirl. They could rent out a spare room to her or something. I don't really know. But use them in some way.

I could go on, as there are a ton of characters I would like to see used, but in the interest of not overloading the first season and also not knowing how much of Superman's mythology they will and will not be able to draw on, I'll stop at those 5. There are plenty more. In fact, just because I really want to see this, we'll go one more and call it an honorable mention:

BONUS: Superboy

The Berlantiverse seems to really like the teen sidekicks. They set up Roy Harper in the first season of Arrow, they haven't set up Wally West yet in The Flash, although there have been rumblings that they want to, and that if they do he will eventually be Kid Flash, so why not give Supergirl a partner? Supergirl herself is kind of a teen sidekick, so Superboy wouldn't really be her sidekick, but he'd be a good addition to her series.

Even if he is a recurring character and not a regular like Roy is and Wally probably will be. In fact, I think making him a recurring character is probably the best way to go with it. As a recurring character he is more free to pop up in the other shows than Kara herself would be, and he gives us a very nice Superman surrogate to have bouncing around the television universe. And on top of all of that, I have been a huge Superboy (Kon-El) fan since his debut way back in the Reign of the Supermen. I don't know how they will pull this off, or even if they will be allowed to, what with Superman rights and all, but I would love to see Superboy be at lest a semi-major player in this series.

That's it for me. Any I didn't list? Any others anyone can think of? Leave them in the comments directly south of this sentence.


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