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Everybody gushes over Michael Fassbender's smile or Benedict Cumberbatch's distinct voice, myself included. It is undeniable that these up and coming actors and other well established classic men of Hollywood have those features that make a woman swoon.

Granted, Brad Pitt is a separate species and Leonardo DiCaprio just seems to be getting better with age but I firmly believe that every person -yes, everybody- has at least one celebrity crush that doesn't entirely fit the general standards of sexy. They may not be great looking or in the best of shape but they have a certain quality that wins them admirers that don't necessarily admit it out in the open.

I have a few of those weird crushes. They are probably in the double digits but for this video I could only think of a handful. In this episode of CineClub, my friend Laura and I got together to confess a short list of such weird celebrity crushes. Most of them are very well known actors or musicians but I am certain most of them don't fall into every woman's list of 'Men I Daydream About'.

Exhibit A: Louis CK. The comedian is one of my weird crushes and everybody lets me have it when I say I really like him. I don't like him the way I appreciate a comedian's comedy. I don't just like him because his show is fantastic. I like him in the way you imagine yourself going out on a date with someone and plan the whole day in your head. Yeah. It's bad.

Watch the video and join the conversation on what our weird celebrity crushes are. Maybe you'll find we have a few in common or you will think up some of your own.

What is YOUR weird celebrity crush? Let me know in the comments!

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