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As a huge horror fan, I have seen some incredible fan art! Homer Simpson as a serial killer, Spongebob eating Patrick's brains...

But I also always wanted to see some horrific creations come to life from Disney! For example, Beauty and the Beast, if a movie had to be made where Beauty is kidnapped by Beast and is tortured to love him in a real life persona wouldn't you just love it? Beast being terrifying of course!

Below are some Fan Art concepts.

Goofy would be an awesome serial killer, can't you picture it?

Leatherface Goofy? - Brianna Garcia

Mike from Monster's Inc. - Austen Mengler

If Mike looked like this ...
If Mike looked like this ...

... he would have been the best! The teeth are amazing! Can you imagine what he would do as he crept into the bedroom at night! I'd probably demonify the eye just a little more, and make the fingers longer and sharper.

Even the basic characters look pretty awesome ...

Iron-Fox | deviantART
Iron-Fox | deviantART

Lately everyone has been going overboard with the whole zombie idea, but this one here might take the crown.

Princess Cinderella - Rob Carlos

Whoa, Pluto could be like a giant demonic dog, that takes to human form whenever he wants, but transforms into this to eat the victims. With a twitchy eye of course.

Not so tired ...

This would have made a better love story, don't you think? Sleeping Beauty, doesn't even sleep.

I wonder if Disney would ever consider doing a horror spin off of any of their characters. Disney is a company that wants to inspire creativity and imagination, right? Why not give us horror fans a new twist of these characters!?


Would you want to see a horror Disney movie?


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