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Marvel is rapidly expanding their Cinematic Universe with two current TV shows and five Netflix shows in development. On the television, Marvel is doing extremely successfully, with their second season of Agents of SHIELD, and so far Agent Carter seems great. Many people are also excited for the Daredevil Netflix series and the shows to come after. With the success of Marvel television, one would hope there would be more to come. This list contains 9 ideas of Netflix and TV shows I would want to see the most.

1. Lady Sif and the Warriors Three

Everybody loves Thor. Comic book die-hards would love to get a weekly look at Asgard as four of some of the most beloved Asgardians get there own show. Let's be honest, these characters have not gotten the screen time they deserve, and with a television show, fans would go crazy. Who wouldn't want a behind the scenes look of Asgard.

2. The Ravagers

Chris Pratt is known for television acting, along with Micheal Rooker, who played Yondu, so it seems that this would be the perfect cast for a TV show. Imagine how amazing it would be to see a TV show about the ravagers raising peter quill before the events of Guardians of the Galaxy. In fact, this show wouldn't need Chris Pratt if it took place after this summer's blockbuster, but it would be great to see a show about the raising of a hero, perhaps even having him on the show as a kid with the show still based in the '80s. The most likely possibilities for the show would have Peter Quill as a kid, or the Ravagers without Peter and based in current time.

3. White Tiger

White Tiger is an extremely interesting character and I think it would make a great Netflix show. White Tiger, also known as Angela Del Toro, gained her powers of strength and speed from the Jade Amulets. She has spent much time in the city of K'un Lun, similar to the Iron Fist. She has fought along heroes like Daredevil, Iron Fist and even the Defenders many times, which would make it very easy for her character to be established in the Marvel Netflix Universe. She is also a minority woman which would cause many people watch the show.

Actress choice: Selena Gomez

4. Black Cat

OK, OK, I know Sony has her rights and all but there are talks of Spidey at Marvel, and if there is a chance of Spiderman at Marvel, Imagine the endless possibilities. I would love to see a TV or Netflix show about Felicia Hardy. Her father was a cat burglar and she became one as well. Despite her criminal lifestyle, she has helped Spider-Man many times and could be called a hero. She is VERY similar to Cat Woman. I would love to see a show about this complex character.

Possible Actress: Zooey Deschanel

5. Hank Pym

The Ant- Man movie is coming very soon and I am very excited. However, in this movie, Hank pym is extremly old, so what if there was a show about Hank Pym in the '60s as a young hero. Hank Pym is a very complex character who goes from a hero to a villain to a plain scientist. Imagine what could happen in a Hank Pym series. It could be about his hero career, his science career, or even feature him as a villain for a season. A Hank Pym series would have endless possibilities, possibly even featuring him hitting his wife, causing a controversial moment in his life. I would love to see a Hank Pym series based in the '60s, perhaps with a version of him donning his original costume, as shown in the Image above.

Possible Actor: Zachary Quinto

6. Wakanda

Wakanda is the fictional African nation that is home of The Black Panther, which will be made a movie in 2017. Marvel has a specific audience of people who like action. A show about Wakanda could easily have action scenes protecting the vibranium from villains, but what if it was about the life of a Wakandan? Just think about it . You have a Wakandan family that lives in a grass hut. There could be a warrior father, raising his son to be a warrior as well. Perhaps even include the element of having an older daughter who wants to prove her self as a warrior. Many C-lister villains could be featured as the show would be more about how people are effected by heroes and villains. There could still be action, but the show could also appeal as a drama about the struggles of life. I think it could be a very interesting way of giving the country of Wakanda another point of view while opening up Marvel's audience.

7. The Runaways

I honestly do not know a lot about this band of misfits, however, I heard a lot of talk about a potential TV show based on this team and I thought it was very interesting. The Runaways were a bunch of kids with criminal parents who want to be good so they ran away and eventually came together to form a team. I think it would be very interesting on television.

8. Moon Knight

Moon Knight worked for the CIA, and when one of his partners, now known as crossfire, betrayed the CIA and killed his lover, moon Knight left the CIA and became a mercenary. He does not like evil-doers and becomes a hero lurking around the city at night. He could easily be introduced in the defenders and get his own Netflix show.

Possible Actor: Billy Burke

9. The Punisher

One of the most Iconic Marvel heroes, Frank Castle spends his days getting revenge on the people that killed his family. It would make a great, and dark, Netflix show that people would love. He could be introduced in The Defenders and eventually get his own series.

possible Actors: David Lyons


Who do you want to have their own series?


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