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If there's one thing that is 100% certain, it is that the internet is full of rumors that people will always take as fact. More recently, a rumor that the upcoming Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice movie will be split into two parts. Apparently, the whole rumor was spread from this low-rez image that was posted online a few days ago:

The thought of the film being split in two polarized fans. Some were for the idea, saying that such a huge film with so many new characters (Batman, Wonder Woman, etc.) should be given more time to wow audiences. Others (specifically, Scott Mendelson of Forbes) thought that it was a "Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Idea," and that it would lead to an incomplete story being told in favor of simply raking in more money.

Well, critics that can't stand two-part movies can rest easy today. In a recent interview with Variety, Henry Cavill confirmed that Batman vs Superman will NOT be split into two movies. Though a direct quote wasn't provided in Variety's article. this was probably the result of a simple "no" answer from Cavill.

However, when he was asked if Dawn of Justice would be even more "epic" than the next Avengers movie, he was quoted as saying:

You’ll see

Looks like we'll still have to wait for 2016 to see the [Man of Steel](movie:15593) and the Dark Knight duke it out, but at least it will be one complete story.


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