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On October 10, 2012, The CW aired the very first episode of Arrow. About four million viewers tuned in to watch the start of Oliver Queen's adventure. The Emerald Archer was soon joined by two other individuals, John Diggle and Felicity Smoak, together, they would help Oliver to protect Starling City.

While viewers enjoyed what Arrow brought to their small screens, no one expected The Scarlet Speeder to follow. It was revealed a couple of days ago that CBS' Supergirl would be a part of the Arrowverse, and a new, animated series, coexisting in the Arrowverse will hit the web in the coming months. With all these shows expanding the Arrowverse, is there any room left to expand?

"I might be coming to your screen!"
"I might be coming to your screen!"

This season on [Arrow](series:720988), Ray Palmer was introduced, played by Brandon Routh. Routh's performance has been well received by audiences, leading viewers to suspect that Routh's Ray Palmer, will be getting a spinoff. During an interview with IGN, Routh revealed that he would, "like to keep playing the character as much as possible," and his wish may be fulfilled.

Executive producer of both Arrow and [The Flash](series:1068303), Greg Berlanti, revealed that discussions have begun concerning the matter. Berlanti says, "We’re in very early talks in a very general way that we haven’t gone deeper on yet." While no deal is set in place, it appears that The Atom is a contender to get his own show.

It's a good thing Routh decided to play the role, considering he was hesitant about suiting up after his role in Superman Returns, as the Man of Steel. As for what's to come concerning a potential spinoff, Routh says, "What the future holds, who knows? But anything is a possibility."


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