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Jashan Boparai

Firestorm has already been in The Flash, albeit not in costume. We saw his head on fire, but no helmet or costume. But today, the day of many CW reveals, our newest (and maybe final) revelation is the Firestorm costume:

We see that they're ditching the yellow-red look from the costume, but the print is the same. At the bottom right of the costume, we see a small look at Robbie Amell in the costume. Without the fire and shaggy hair. Victor Garber, as the other half of Firestorm, is in his burned costume:

To the right of Firestorm is most likely Heat Wave's costume. Behind him is Captain Cold, and behind Firestorm is Reverse Flash. Not too shabby...

So what do you think?


Do you like the Firestone costume design?


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