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Amy Martin

Over the years has seen hundreds of different fan films, some great, others...not so much. But they all have one thing in common: They're all made for fun and not for profit, so I'll congratulate anyone who gives it a go. The latest fan-made feature to catch my attention is a CGI recreation of the original Tales From The Crypt intro, made by four technology students, Benabdallah Adel, Penoit Damien, Omar Meradi and Toufik Mekbel.

And here's the original 90's intro for comparison...

So, although this fan feature has been made very well, I think the only thing that lets it down is the reveal of the Crypt keeper at the end. Who just happens to be a cardboard head on a stick. So, let me know! Do you prefer the original intro, or do you love the new look of the modernized CGI intro?

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Which is better, the original intro, or the CGI remake?


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