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David Ramsey, the actor who plays John Diggle in Arrow, was interviewed by Entertainment Weekly recently. During the interview, he let a tidbit of news slip that has at least this fan in a bit of a tizzy. According to him, his character John Diggle will be suiting up as Arrow. For at least a while.

Laurel Lance and Ray Palmer will also be suiting up as Black Canary and Atom, but John Diggle suiting up as Arrow is the big news.

In the mid-season finale, when Oliver Queen was pushed over the cliff by Ra's Al Ghul to his 'death', fan speculations started swirling. Would he come back to life, or would someone permanently don the hood to replace Oliver? Maybe that fall wasn't as serious as it looked (although that speculation didn't get too far - did you see those depressing camera views?)

News seems to suggest that the change isn't permanent. It's only a temporary measure before Oliver's return. I, for one, am glad we'll eventually get to see classic Oliver Queen. In the meantime though, I wait with bated breath for further news.

What do you think might happen for Oliver's triumphant return? Why would John Diggle take up the mantle of the [Arrow](series:720988)? Tell me what you think in the comments!


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