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We all know about the SONY leaks over the holiday period, one of the most interesting things I personally found about this was the "Spider-Summit" In whitch SONY are believed to be analysing the future of the "Amazing Spider-Man" franchisee itself. Being that each Spider-man movie loses money since Spider-man 3 (the highest grossing spidey movie to date, I know right?) It is not out of the realm of possibility that they may very well do (yet another) Reboot. In some of the emails from SONY there was brief mention of working a deal with marvel studios to get spider-man in there shared cinematic universe. So today i will be doing a simple fan cast of what I personally think would be a good cast for either a SONY reboot or marvel studios first attempt.

Peter Parker / Spider-Man

Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson, Perks of being a wallflower)
This role is self explanatory, Peter Parker and his duel identity of Spider-man. You know who this is. You have to explain who it is in case it is a readers first time coming across them. Its Spider-Man everyone knows who Spider-man is. Can you at least try and explain? You know that guy in the red and blue spandex witha spider logo that goes thwip thwip? This is him.

May Parker / Aunt May

Jessica Lange ( American Horror Story murder house, Asylum, coven and freakshow)

May Parker or more commonly referred to as Aunt May due to the fact that she is Peter's Aunt and more or less the closest thing to a mother he has.

Ben Parker / Uncle Ben

Dustin Hoffman (Rain Man, Tootsie)

Ben Parker or more commonly referred to as Uncle Ben due to the fact that he is Peter's Uncle and more or less the closest thing to a father he has. also known for the "with great power comes great responsibility" line.

J.Jonah Jameson / JJJ

Vince McMahon (WWE / World Wrestling Entertainment / Wrestling you watched that time)

J. Jonah Jameson is the boss and owner of the Daily Bugle often remembered for always wanting photographs of Spider-man and often labeling Spider-man as a menace. Also known for his flaming temper and angry outbursts usually at peter.

While this person isn't technically an actor in the sense of the other people in this list so far. It can be (and trust me will be) argued that wrestlers are actors in some way none is as true for people like Vince McMahon since he is the legit owner of the WWE in real life all you need to do is youtube Vince McMahon and you will find a video of him ranting and raving and you know that just screams J.J. Jameson. Plus i didn't want to cheat by having JK Simmons.

Norman Osborn / Green Goblin

Tommy Lee Jones (Men In Black, No country for old men)

Norman Osborn is the Leader and Owner of Oscorp the scientific company that always ends up being a thorn in our heroes side. Norman also becomes the Green Goblin one of spider-man's arch nemesis.

Harry Osborn

Jack Gleeson (Game of thrones)

Harry Osborn is Peter Parkers best friend and is also the son of Norman Osborn often puts harry into the middle of a lot of controversy in the lives of our favourite New Yorkers.

Gwen Stacey

Emily Osment (Hannah Montana, Cyberbully, Young & Hungry)

Gwen Stacey is Peters First love. She is also mostly known for being one of the only characters in comics to die and stay dead (not counting clones) or at least was untill Spider-Verse.

Mary Jane Watson / MJ

Emma Watson ( Harry Potter franchise, Bling Ring)

Mary Jane Watson is Peters longest girlfriend and would eventually go on to get married in comics. (I'm going to ignore the whole "one more day" deal with the devil thing because that gets confusing to none comic fans)

Otto Octavius / Doc Ock

Nick Frost (Sean of the dead, Hot Fuzz, World end, Paul)

Doc Ock is proberly spider-mans second most well known villain. you know the guy cyber arms.

Yes him, Why? I personally believe every actor who has done good comedy roles is equally able to do good tragic villian roles. I can picture him flawlessly as a tortured soul of otto and i could also see the crazed villianous of doc ock

Kraven The Hunter

Manu Bennett (Arrow, Hobbit franchisee, Spartacas )

Kraven the hunter is exactly what it says on the tin. Its a hunter called kraven.

Adrian Toombs / Vulture

Robert englund ( Nightmare on elm street franchise)

Old guy with robotic wings. Similar to falcon but evil.

Michael Morbius / morbius the living vampire

Taylor Kitsch (xmen origins wolverine, John Carter)

Vampire. Really dont need more than that.

Roderick Kingsley / Hobgoblin

Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad)

Hobgoblin is visually the green goblin but orange, however the character has a lot more to him than just that.


We all love a spin off when done right, right? These are my ideas of people who would be able to support there own film or two. Or alternatively be used in traditional spider-movies in some way.

Miles Morales / Ultimate Spider-Man

Donald Glover ( Community, Childish Gambino)

Miles is someone else who also gained spider-powers in the ultimate universe in his reality peter parker spider-man gets killed and he takes over as spider-man.

Fun fact, When creating miles in 2012 creators said they based him on a cross of obama and Donald glover based on the one time he wore a spider-man shirt in community. Donald also voiced miles in the animated tv show "Spider-man Web Warriors"

Felicia Hardy / Black Cat

Mila Kunis (Family Guy, Ted, Friends with benefits.)

Black Cat is a small time thief going after jewels, bank heists and the attention of spidey. The will they wont they tension is built between the two here. (Yes shes basicly just catwoman)

Flash Thomson / Agent Venom

Chris Pine (Star Trek)

Flash Thomson is the bully of peter parker in high school who grows up to be a huge spidey fan and joins the US military, then after a accident where he is left without the use of his legs he gets the venom symbiote to do special ops too intense and dangerous for normal military forces, becoming a super soldier.

Kaine Parker / Scarlet Spider II

Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad, Need for Speed)

Kaine is a clone of spider-man. But he is a not perfect clone and lacks some of the good natured morals peter does witch makes kaine a much more dangerous and interesting character than peter.

Now, Naturally this isn't the whole spidey mythos, but i feel it is enough characters to base a franchise around without trying to use villians that have been done before (ock and goblin excluded because without them there is no big villain)


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