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Not much is known about the CBS's series centered on Supergirl. Many fans, including myself, have wondered, among other things, whether the show would be in the same universe as Flash and Arrow. All three share the same executive producer, Greg Berlanti, so it's not unlikely that Supergirl will join the Flash/Arrowverse.

Flash/Arrow executive producer Greg Berlanti
Flash/Arrow executive producer Greg Berlanti

The producer was asked a couple of questions about Supergirl, regarding the show's tone, the casting process, and potential crossovers.

Note: These questions are not my own, these questions, and the original article can found on IGN by following this link.

Reporter Question: "Anything you can say about Supergirl and what the tone of that show is and also if we’re going to hear about casting soon?"

Greg Berlanti: "I hope you’re going to hear about casting soon or we’re not going to be able to make the pilot! I would say, tonally closer to Flash than Arrow. That’s probably the best way to say it."

So the show's going to have the action/mystery/thriller tone as Flash and Arrow? This is strange, I guess I would have imagined the show taking a different path. The tone works well for Flash and Arrow, but I'd imagine a tone that's a bit lighter. Something closer to Smallville perhaps?


Reporter Question: "Is there crossover potential for Supergirl with Arrow or The Flash?"

Greg Berlanti: "So much has to go right for us to be able to make a great show. Again, I think of myself as like if I were watching them, I would want to see that. But we have to get so many things right to make a good show and so much of it is luck, unfortunately."

So basically, not as of now. It looks like Berlanti and DC are waiting to see how well Supergirl is received before they decide if they want her to mix and mingle with their other TV properties. Supergirl hasn't had the up-and-down career of her cousin, but that might be because she's had less screen-time than Superman. Still, I have high hopes for this show, so if it does succeed, I imagine we'll be seeing her meet Barry Allen and Oliver Queen at some point.

The Flash and The Arrow!
The Flash and The Arrow!

Reporter Question: "People have been clamoring to see a female superhero have her own project. Can you talk about how you’re approaching the idea of a female in the superhero world?"

Greg Berlanti: "That was really important to all of us when we set out on working on it and it was really important to DC and it was really important to the women I’m working on the show with and the women that work in the studio and the women that work at the network. In a lot of ways, I’m surrounded by more women on the project that could answer that question better."

I'm hoping this show doesn't go too heavy with the "Female Superhero" aspect. What I mean is, I want Supergirl to be treated as just a hero, I don't want the show full of feminist elements or people getting shocked that they were just saved from a burning building by a woman. Supergirl, though unfortunately plagued with the same over-sexualization controversies as her many other DC female counterparts, is tough enough to not only hang with the guys, but she could also beat a few of them to a bloody pulp if she wanted to! So while the appearance of a female in the TV superhero world has been made a big deal, make her appearance a subtle one.

Reporter Question: "Are you looking at things like what didn’t work in the Wonder Woman pilot?"

Greg Berlanti: "I think it’s more, for us, always more learning from our own mistakes and our own successes. So a show like Arrow and Flash, without stuff I learned on Eli Stone and No Ordinary Family probably wouldn’t exist in terms of visual effects or stunts or things like that. And storywise, what we learn on these shows, a thing that we always learn is just how important casting is. If you’re right on the money and you have the kind of actors we have on these shows, it just makes you look so much better."

I didn't see the Wonder Woman pilot, but it's nice to know that they're learning from their mistakes. And Greg has had some great successes (*ahem* Arrow and Flash *ahem*) so he's definitely learned from those too!

An image from the failed Wonder Woman pilot.
An image from the failed Wonder Woman pilot.

This was just some of the info that CW revealed during their TCA panel. Information regarding The Flash and a possible spin-of series featuring a small DC character with high caliber (I'm laughing right now at my own corny joke) was also revealed.

If you want to read the original article and watch the actual full interview, then click on this link here. Thanks for reading!


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