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Tonight as I was watching the Golden Globes, something occurred to me: what is considered when deciding who wins. Through all the years of watching the awards (i.e. Golden Globes, Academy Awards, SAG) I've had my up and down moments. We all do. There are those who we want to win, and those who wind up losing.

Tonight felt like I could pin point a formula for those who won. This was something I never had a problem with or even realized before hand. In fact it's something that I've began noticing the last couple years. Now in no way am I discriminatory in any way, but it was quite odd that most movies and its actors and actresses in a category who's subject was about race, sexual orientation, or religion, seemed to have that award winning quality that earned itself an award.

When it comes to choosing winners and losers, we must realize that this is a selective group of individuals who vote for his or her pick, which then gets broken down to a winner. We all are entitled to our own opinions and taste. The question boils down to this: Does good acting, directing, cinematography, originality even factor in anymore? Are people being honest with their choices, or is it to make a statement? Now I own well over 700 movies and have seen plenty more, and I feel like my honesty with my opinion in movies is a well balanced one that allows me to say what I am going to say.

Cinema has always revolved around telling a good story and utilizing the world and what is going on in it. The topics of race, sexual orientation, and religion are really nothing new. Current events however make it more prominent and within years the subjects are now more free to talk about and open to picturing on the big screen. It's great that in different parts of the world people can express their opinions in their work. Now I saw many of the films that were nominated tonight if not all of them, and there were some within these categories that were good, but definitely not on an award worthy level. This is where I leave this question to you:

Do you feel like what is considered important in the world of cinema and television not matter anymore (i.e. acting, directing, etc) and why? Have the awards become a staging for social statements versus appreciating greatness in the arts?

I would love to hear your responses and am completely open to all sides.


Do you think "Award Season" has become a social platform for change and freedom of speech versus a celebration of great art?


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